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What does this say about the South?

Check out this spread from Daily Kos…

McCain is polling 55 to Obama’s 38 in the South while the rest of the nation favors Obama.  What does that mean?  Could there still be racism in the Southern States? There have been several “Southern Republican Public Officials” using the term “uppity” lately which is a very nasty, racist term.

Just asking because it looks suspicious.

Since I’m a child of the Sixties, I remember the race riots and I remember the suppression of the black vote and I remember the phrase, “If you are white, you are right.  If you are black, then step back.”   It pains me to even write this post but racism needs to be addressed.  In God’s eyes, we are equal.  Why can’t people follow God’s lead?

A song from true Patriots…

Is it fear that keeps people hating others because of their skin color? We are all the same underneath.

One reply on “What does this say about the South?”

Racism is 100% of the problem. LBJ knew that by signing the Civil Rights Act of 1964 that he was going to lose the ‘south for a generation.’ The generation is still going strong.

Most of these former Democrats never changed their party affiliation and vote Republican down the line every election. These bigots begot more bigots. (how’s that for a slogan?)

There are only 3 excuses that can cause anyone to vote for McCain.
1) Misinformed by Fox, Rush and the rest.
2) Dumb as a stump. 🙂
3) Racist.

It is important that this come up now before the election rather than afterward and we’re left scratching our heads wondering how we lost the election.

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