Forget Main Street

The Republicans are all set to bail out Wall Street and they don’t want to bail out Main Street.  With the Republicans, you are on your own, baby.

Read all about it at Politico

Republicans… playing politics as usual.  They only care about money and more money.  Remember, they also want to privatize Social Security.


Rick Davis, McCain’s campaign advisor, was paid $30,000.00/week by Freddie Mac and Fanny Mae.  So when McCain starts trashing Obama about being connected to someone he was introduced to once from Freddie Mac, he needs to turn around and look behind him because his top man, Rick Davis is a foremost lobbyist for the mortgage industry.  This is why McCain will never regulate Wall Street and refuses to help out Main Street.

Senator John McCain’s campaign manager was paid more than $30,000 a month for five years as president of an advocacy group set up by the mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to defend them against stricter regulations, current and former officials say.

New York Times article, a must read.

Incensed by the advertisements, several current and former executives of the companies came forward to discuss the role that Rick Davis, Mr. McCain’s campaign manager and longtime adviser, played in helping Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac beat back regulatory challenges when he served as president of their advocacy group, the Homeownership Alliance, formed in the summer of 2000. Some who came forward were Democrats, but Republicans, speaking on the condition of anonymity, confirmed their descriptions.

John McCain continues to lie in his ads.  Whatever happened to the “Straight Talk Express”?  It has become the express of liars.  John McCain will say anything to further his political career.  In my humble opinion, I think John McCain is still trying to live up to his father’s and grandfather’s expectations of him and that is why he has been so desperate in his race to be elected President.  His career is first and our country is second to him.

In an interview with 60 Minutes, John McCain was asked if he thinks that Sarah Palin is ready to be president.  McCain answered “yes” while shaking his head no.  Body language speaks louder and more truthful than words and if McCain is shaking his head no while answering this question, then he really is saying that he is not convinced that Sarah Palin was the right choice.
Watch the heading shaking…

Just a reminder…. all this deregulation and union busting was started with Ronald Reagan, a Republican President and continued with George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush.  When Presidendent Clinton tried to veto a deregulation bill, his veto was overturned by the Republican controlled Congress.  Yeah, I’m blaming the Republicans for this economic disaster with their voodoo, trickle down economics.  It didn’t work in the 1920’s and it didn’t work this time around either.  The Savings and Loan disaster happened during the Reagan years and the taxpayers had to bail out those failures.

5 replies on “Forget Main Street”

How can John McCain stand up to the lobbyist that run his campaign? He couldn’t even stand up to his own party and choose the VP that he really wanted, Joe Lieberman. Instead he bowed to the right wingers and picked Palin and if you notice him shaking his head no while saying yes to feeling confident that she could be president, he is really indicating that he isn’t that sure about her. In my humble opinion, I think the honeymoon is starting to wane. He doesn’t look as excited around her anymore.

It just makes me want to scream. Obama thank God advocates doing something for Main street. And Bill Clinton on The View today also smartly advocated the same (I posted video on my blog). But I don’t trust McCain in power with his lobbyists. He’s got the Regan “bootstrap” mentality. “Nation of whiners”.

I am really fuming over this whole mess. I know it’s threefold: Gov’t, Wall Street, and consumer. All share the blame. But without responsible government, without some controls and oversight, human nature leans toward greed.

Republicans across the country whine: you Democrats expect the government to do EVERYTHING for you.

In answer to that I have to say, no, but I do expect some responsibility and accountability. And since Republicans have been behind all the deregulation, then you guys assume all the debt. Or let everything go under. But I sure as hell don’t want to hear you bitch and moan about the bailouts which are a f*cking burden to ALL of us taxpayers.

Now you’re asking for the Treasury Secretary to get his Section 8 provision? Gimme a break. You can fool me once as your boss once said…

Meanwhile, who does McCain surround himself with? Greedy lobbyists. For all his newfound rhetoric, he could care less about the middle class except for their purpose in making his cronies rich.

I hate this bailout but the only responsible thing is to help the consumer as well and give them some mortgages that won’t hoodwink them. Then maybe we can get back and track and restore some confidence.

One thing’s for sure: if McCain wins then voters are stupid and they deserve what they get. He’s clueless, and he’ll still give away the farm. Just watch.

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