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Barack Obama and Joe Biden Economic Plan

John McCain has reminded us over and over again, that he is weak on the economy. Now he says that it is greedy Wall Street, you know, the Wall Street that he votes to protect by keeping it deregulated, that is causing our economic problems and he will put a stop to it if elected. That would mean that John McCain will be biting the hand that feeds him. Doubt that he would do that.

John McCain also praises the American worker. That is a great point, if you have a job. If you are one of the 6.3% of Americans that had to file a claim for unemployment insurance or the one of the other millions of Americans looking for work, you are probably scratching you head and wondering “why isn’t someone hiring me? I’m one of the ‘fundamentals’ that are strong in America? Fundamentals don’t put food on the table nor does it pay the mortgage or rent if you don’t have a job. It’s easy for McCain to make this statement because he has 9 houses and a millionaire wife. He can’t relate.

Barack Obama and Joe Biden have a real plan that will bring jobs back to this country and get Americans working again.

Read the complete plan at

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how can we get the rest of the country to understand this? it seems so simple to us – obama clearly has the better plan for our country’s future, yet there are so many people out there still undecided!

“Fundamentals don’t put food on the table nor does it pay the mortgage or rent if you don’t have a job.


The problem is McCain doesn’t understand that evryone doesn’t have a Trust Fund to tide them over.

Remember his mother is a oil heiress and his wife is a beer heiress. McCain believes that all women are heiresses and we just pretend no to be.

McCain just doesn’t get it.

Biden is a perfect politician – experienced, intelligent, wise. But that’s it. When Palin came to stage, and “PalinMania” started, Biden became invisible. So rumors claim, that Biden will officially “resign because of health problems”, and Obama will invite Hillary to join his fight against Palin. Because she, and no longer McCain, is Obama’s biggest problem now.
On the other hand, Obama’s supporters don’t like Hillary, and Obama himself does not like to be “the second”, which is OK for McCain, as Palin now seems like presidential candidate, not McCain himself -

Why did it take “Joe the Plumber” to expose Barrack Obama’s tax “fairness” plan? Obama exposed himself long ago and I cannot figure out why no one has talked about it before “Joe the Plumber.”

During the Democrat debate in Philadelphia April 16, 2008, Charlie Gibson challenged Obama on his plan to raise capital gains – he said history proves it does not raise revenues from this tax.* Obama’s response? He admitted to Charlie Gibson raising the capital gains tax was not about raising revenue, it was about “fairness.” (This was well detailed and chronicled by Dick Morris in the first chapter of his new book, “Fleeced.”)

During Obama’s interview with Bill O’Reilly, he said, “People like you and I who can afford it, need to ‘help’ the waitress or others who don’t have as much.”

And let’s not forget Senator Biden’s comment about paying more being “patriotic.”

Republicans should have been hammering Obama on his socialist tax policy plans long before “Joe the Plumber” came along. Republicans should have been using the “S” word a long time ago!

*In the last 27 years capital gains tax rates have been cut three times, 1981, 1997, and 2003. Each time capital gains tax rates have been cut revenues from this tax increased over the subsequent three years, 49, 49 and 88% respectively. On the other side, in 1986 capital gains taxes were increases and revenues from this tax DECREASED over the subsequent three years 44%.

votetheday – it’s been 30 + days since your poor prediction and Palin has become an albatross around McCain’s neck.

Alan – nobody is paying capital gains tax right now because we are all losers. Obama’s plan gives a break to capital gains along with a tax break to the middle class, something that McCain doesn’t do. Most Americans, like 95%, would get a tax break from Obama’s plan. You must be making a lot of money if you are concerned about a tax increase. As for Joe the Plumber, you are so silly because Joe the Plumber was a phony.

With Obama in the White House we can just sit back and do nothing and let the money roll in.

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