Todd Palin, the Shadow Governor

Todd Palin and his wife Sarah Palin
Todd Palin and his wife Sarah Palin

Who is watching and caring for the children? As Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin has a busy schedule. She also has 5 children to care for. It is not uncommon for a family to have a working mother and a stay at home father. Todd Palin has a seasonal job and when he is not working at his $100,000/year job, he is lurking in the halls of Alaska’s Capitol building in Juneau. Both the Palins are in Juneau at the same time. Who is at home in Wasilla taking care of the children? Is this a family that only looks like a family during photo opportunities?

And what exactly is Todd Palin doing during the time he spends in Alaska’s Capitol building? What is the purpose of Todd Palin being copied on official Governor’s email messages? He is not an elected official.

Is Sarah Palin just a ‘prop’? Is Todd Palin really a “shadow” governor? This would mean that Palin never fully managed the business of Governor of Alaska without the assistance of her husband, someone that was NOT elected by the residents of Alaska. Sarah Palin may NOT have the executive experience that she claims. It may be Todd Palin with all this executive experience.

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…some in Alaska have referred to him as the “shadow governor” — has raised questions about whether a Sarah Palin vice-presidency would hand the same type of backstage power to Todd, and what that might mean in the running of the U.S. government.

Is Todd giving Sarah advice regarding the oil pipeline? What was he doing at this official government meeting?

Andrew Halco has questions about Todd Palin, too. Todd is not a government employee, yet he gets copied on emails that are being withheld due to “Executive Privilege”.

If Sarah goes to Washington, how much “Restricted Confidential Information” will Todd be viewing?

Folks, this is frightening.


13 thoughts on “Todd Palin, the Shadow Governor”

  1. Another greaet post!

    When you said,, “Is Sarah Palin just a ‘prop’? Is Todd Palin really a “shadow” governor?”


    It reminded me of G.W. Bush….and Cheney! A ‘prop” President and a “shadow” President.

    Geez! When you have VP Cheney saying he is NOT part of the Executive Branch of Government…it makes you want to yell…”Quick! Someone get the net!

    (Article 2 Section 1…of the Constitution says:

    The “Executive” power shall be vested in the President of the United States of America. He shall hold his office during the term of four years and together with the VICE PRESIDENT (someone needs to inform Cheney of this) chosen for the same term…”

    Having been (PAST tense) a Republican, I know how they think and process information. I also know how they twist and suppress information. Yet, all this nonsense lately is not as ‘veiled’ as some may like us to believe. Many of us actually know how to read…

    Keep up the good work:)


  2. Thanks, Michelle.

    After reading about Sarah Palin refusing to be interviewed by the special prosecutor in Alaska, I’m beginning to think that Sarah Palin is “Window Dressing”. She increases the numbers of people that attend McCain events and I believe that is why he is again bringing her along for the show. There’s something very frightening about the Palins. I’ll bet Todd would love to know the combination for our nukes. Sending off a few missiles to Russia would certainly bring on the “End Times” for that kooky cult in Alaska.

    Maybe we should be investigating Todd Palin and let Sarah fall off to the sidelines which is where she really exists now. Todd Palin knew that he could never get elected as Governor of Alaska but his wife could.

  3. Cats r Flyfishin

    When I read what you’d said, “I’ll bet Todd would love to know the combination for our nukes. Sending off a few missiles to Russia would certainly bring on the “End Times” for that kooky cult in Alaska”….

    I wanted to let you know that my hubby said the same thing a few days ago. These’ shadow’ folks…no matter who they are, or what position they impose themselves are dangerous. Cheney is such a person, too.

    You’re absolutely correct in saying Palin seems like so much ‘window dressing’…as it’s no secret that Mc Cain cannot draw the crowds when she is absent. (Kinda like a circus act…all smoke and mirrors)


  4. Cats I have been saying to to my sister and ‘girls’ he is the co-governor or maybe the governor.

    Why is he cc’d on emails about official business. why does he call people in government to tell them ‘what Sarah wants’. Why doesn he sit in on official meetings?

    What would happen to your job in your ‘mate’ sat in on your meetings and called your clients/employees?

    I noticed “First Dude” got on the plane with Palin but no sight of the kiddies getting on the plane.

    Where are the kids and who is taking care of all FIVE of them?

    If elected, (which I doubt!) “First Dude” would take McCain on a hunting trip and McCain wouldn’t return and then Palin would be President and Todd would be “First Dude of the WH”.

    And what a bunch of liars they are. They are not Christians – that’s just a front.


    GREAT post!!!

  5. Todd ruined the word ‘dude’ for me. This is an Alaska First ‘dude’. It gets scarier and scarier.

    This is like the bullies from high school taking over the government. They wanted her sister’s ex-husband fired. (Trooper-Gate)

    Todd ‘the bully’ contacted someone who had hired a former classmate and employee of Palin’s saying he shouldn’t have hired that guy BECAUSE he fell in love with another former classmate of the Palin’s. WTF!

  6. Here are some better questions for you:

    Why did Obama get the second most money from the housing crisis? [Google: second highest recipient housing crisis]

    Why did Obama get introduced to politics by William Ayers, bomber of our U.S. Pentagon and other U.S. buildings;

    Why did Bill Ayers, highly active member of the radical Weather Underground, hold a fundraiser for Barry Obama? Ayers still teaches nothing but anti-American sentiment to this day.

    Why was Obama’s main Blog runner a member of the Communist Party? [google: Obama blog communist party member]

    Why are his friends terrorists (Bill Ayers and wife) who bombed our Pentagon (google: Bill Ayers website) and many other places? Why does Obama’s friend Bill Ayers say he wishes he did more damage to the U.S.?

    Why does Obama love author Saul Alinsky, (dead) friend of Al Capone and other mobsters in the 30’s, commie agitator, who dedicated his books on agitating (community organizing) to LUCIFER??? [Google: Saul Alinsky and Lucifer or Saul Alinsky, Rules for Radicals]

    Why did Obama stay at a church that regularly had constant racism toward whites, racial hatred toward whites (Father Pflueger), and hate-monger Louis Farrakkhan, (who despises both whites and Jews).

    Why is Tony Rezko, convicted criminal and slumlord, one of Obama’s good, long-time friends?

    Why does Obama constantly SHIFT with the wind?

    Because he loves SAUL ALINSKY’s communist tactics and methodology. SAUL ALINSKY is the author for losers; father of shakedown artists. He teaches nasty tactics to lowlifes who don’t want to work hard. Alinsky teaches Havenots to steal from the Haves.

    Google all of the above and learn! Obama is a shakedown artist, a commie, and despises everyone but himself. He wants power and he lies constantly.

    He is a racist and despises all small-town people. He thinks college kids are gullible (and many are). Please, I beg of you all, research this deeply! Don’t let our country be given to communists!

  7. Hey Michele – BOO!

    Obama was 8 years old when Ayers was involved with the Weather Underground.

    Obama is WAY too conservative to be a communist.

    I consider flip-flopper McCain and his Alaska Independence Party running mate to be much scary than Obama.

    Too bad for you Michele. Did the McCain campaign pay you to blog for him? You know that with McCain it will be more of the Bush years. We all know how poorly the Bush economics is playing out and John McCain has said many times that he doesn’t understand the economy.

    I will trust Barack Obama. He makes sense when he speaks. He doesn’t mumble and mix up his words and constantly need to come back to the press to explain himself like John McCain does. And besides, he has someone with extensive foreign experience as his running mate. Someone that knows more about Russia than just “you can actually see it from an island in Alaska.”

  8. Pingback: LCOF
  9. LCOF

    Looks like you are ill informed. Even MSNBC has exposed Todd Palin’s involvement in Alaska’s politics. We “lefties” didn’t make this stuff up.

    I fear for the safety of our nation if Palin gets elected. It was an irresponsible choice by McCain which shows that he is not ready on day one. Last night, during McCain’s interview with 60 Minutes, McCain was asked if Sarah Palin could be president and McCain said “yes” while shaking his head no. This demonstrated that McCain is confused as to his choice. Body language tells more about the truth than words do.

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