Should We be Concerned?

Feel free to copy and circulate this letter — the author has given his express permission for same.

Thanks to another great Pennsylvania blog, MommasforObama for this letter.

The following letter was written by a friend who is a respected physician in his field. It is chilling. If the likelihood that John McCain would survive one term as President is this grim, we have to take the prospect of Sarah Palin’s ascendancy as Commander-in-Chief that much more seriously.

Sarah Palin as President is no punch line, folks — it’s the kind of thing that could signal the end of America as we know it.

* * * * *

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

John McCain is a 72 year old man with recurrent melanoma, hyperlipidemia, degenerative joint disease, and recurrent difficulty with certain efforts at recall. These are the limited facts the American people have had access to. Over 1000 pages of medical records were shown to selected journalists for 3 hours with less than 48 hours of notice. The only medically trained journalist was Sanjay Gupta, MD from CNN. This is the extent to which the American people have been informed.

While I am certainly sensitive to the confidential nature of medical records given the anxiety expressed by many of my patients regarding the risk of lost coverage or lost jobs in this current health economic climate, there are certain exceptions for disclosure regarding public safety. As John McCain knows, a pilot’s records are comprehensively available for review by a certifying agency (the FAA, I believe) to insure the fitness of the pilot and the safety of passengers and the public at-large. In the election of the President of the United States of America, that certifying body is the American electorate.

A recurrence of metastatic malignant melanoma would essentially destroy John McCain’s capacity as the Chief Executive and the American people have yet to receive a full accounting of the facts regarding his actuarial risk. If he has had regional metastasis, his risk could be 30% or greater for distant metastasis to the brain, bone, and lung. As you all know, melanoma is one of the most insidious, pernicious, and aggressive malignancies our patients must deal with and that we attempt somewhat pathetically to control with interferon, interleukins, and dismally active and terribly toxic chemotherapeutic regimens. In addition, we lack the simple data to sensibly evaluate his cardiovascular risk as we would any septuagenerian in our exam rooms.

John McCain should be held accountable by the American people and its agents, the free press, to release without restriction the entirety of his medical records. Any hesitation to do so would clearly imply that there are significant medical concerns about his ability to fulfill the duties of the President.


Michael D. Fratkin, MD
Internal Medicine
Hospice and Palliative Medicine
Eureka, California


Senator Chuck Schumer on John McCain’s Medical Records

UPDATE:  There more at this link.


20 thoughts on “Should We be Concerned?”

  1. This is frightening. I was worried when they played that game with his medical records but totally forgot about it.

    Palin almost makes Bush look qualified to be president – almost. Earlier, I found myself wishing he had selected Lieberman or Romney.

    Thanks for pointing me to the source of the Palinguage post.

  2. Great post Cats. I think I’ll put it on my blog this week as well. Nice to see a physician stepping out and saying this.

    I had totally forgotten about how McCain had “released” this information earlier. There are things buried in those 1000 pages they don’t want us to know.

    The problem is he also has PTSD which he was never treated for. And all that buried rage adds to anxiety which affects health.

    And some even say he’s showing early signs of Alzheimer’s.

    This guy is a ticking bomb. And for Palin to become president? Well, as a Californian, I’ll be pushing hard for secession.

  3. If McCain gets elected and something happens to him, Palin and her “First Dude” will be in charge and it will be more cronyism. Today, the AG in Alaska said he wouldn’t honor the subpoenas in Troopergate.

    In a letter to state Sen. Hollis French, the Democrat overseeing the investigation, Republican Attorney General Talis Colberg asked that the subpoenas be withdrawn. He also said the employees would refuse to appear unless either the full state Senate or the entire Legislature votes to compel their testimony.

    Colberg, who was appointed by Palin, said the employees are caught between their respect for the Legislature and their loyalty to the governor, who initially agreed to cooperate with the inquiry but has increasingly opposed it since McCain chose her as his running mate.

  4. Cats – this is F’ING scary with capital letters! Sorry for the profanity but it’s THAT serious!

    Let’s not forget that McCain also suffers from dizzy spells and takes several medications daily to control ALL his various symptoms and ailments.

    Imagine him fainting on stage at the first debate? Sorry that slipped out.

    But seriously — it is OF GREAT MAGNITUDE that Americans know McCain’s FULL health situation.

    I wonder if that’s why Cindy travels with him every day…to remind him to take his pills. And in an emergency I’m sure she’ll be there to ‘cover-up’ the situation.

    This is SCARY!!!

  5. cats, i’m glad you’re staying vigilant in getting the word out there about these and other matters. the prospect of a mccain/palin win is made chillingly worse by the prospect of his death. i’m telling ya, if they win (god help us all), but IF then i’ll be praying daily for mccain’s health as i can’t imagine a country run by palin!

  6. It’s gonna be Palin folks, so get used to it. There is no way out now. I have a predicted a new civil war in this country for quite some time. With Palin, well kiddies, get prepped.

    Deleted by site administrator for promoting violence

  7. This is the perfect scenario for the continuance of the Rep stranglehold on this country. Have a marionette – a wet-behind-the-ears naive star struck puppet on strings- one heartbeat away from the most powerful office in the world.
    The puppeteers can continue to pull the strings while humanity and the planet are plundered and exploited.

  8. McCain did not put COUNTRY FIRST with the selection of
    Caribou Barbie to be one heartbeat from the most powerful office in the world.

  9. It’s unbelievable how selfish McCain is considering his medical history; and his father’s and grandfather’s. Both of those men died suddenly at younger ages than McCain.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Obama won in a landslide and McCain dropped dead from the shock of losing. And then Palin would skulk right back to Nowhere, Alaska and we would be ok.. for awhile, anyway.

  10. It is appalling to ponder all the myriad problems, missing pieces, unanswered questions, scandals, lies and opacity shown by McCain. If you took a long legal tablet and just jotted, off the top of your head, all the gaffes, question-dodging, mean, below-the-belt remarks and other negative characteristics we have seen during this campaign, I bet you could fill the whole sheet. It is obscene that he parades around the country, in his $500 shoes, on his jet, with his diamond-studded wife……while there are Hooverville-like tent cities springing up all over the country. Make no mistake, he shares the blame for the wall street crisis and the billions of dollars that we, the working class, will have to pay to bail out AIG. That event was planned, folks, in order that the fat cats could grab up more, more and more of your hard earned savings for themselves. If McCain is elected, I feel I’ll have to seek political asylum elsewhere in the world, where Americans are not overly reviled for electing another chuckleheaded warmonger.

  11. And yes, we should be extremely concerned about McCain’s fitness for the presidency. His obvious confusion, when questioned whether he would invite the prime minister of Spain to the White House, was indicative of early dementia or Altzheimer’s. If he is hard of hearing, he should have said so. If he didn’t understand the question, he should have said so. But instead, he tried to fake an answer, with disastrous results, that were insulting to our Spanish ally. This man is dangerous, whether he’s in his right mind or out of his mind! Bomb, bomb, bomb Iran indeed! For that remark alone, he should have been tarred, feathered, and run out of town.
    McCain showed complete lack of good judgement in picking Sarah Palin as a running mate. She is exactly the type of ultra-conservative, evangelical, non-feminist, eye candy and empty-of-intellect vessel who would add “tinsel and veneer” to the McCain ticket, attract lots of publicity and distract voters from the real issues that need discussion. She defers to men; even her husband sits in on official meetings in her Alaska office. So if McCain lives out his tenure in office, she’ll defer to the “old boys’ network” of secret puppeteers, and do as she’s told.
    But Heaven help us if Palin comes into executive power! Husband Todd, a secessionist, with only a high school degree, will be working within her secret government. As a “Joel’s Army” dominionist, I shudder to think how this country will survive her administration. That particular cult, that she belongs to, is hell-bent on converting the world to Christianity, with military force if necessary. She will make Cheney look like Mother Theresa.
    So anyway, YES, we should all be CONCERNED about the possibility that John McCain could be elected president.

  12. First Dude would be sort of like Big Brother Central!

    Prez. Palin would of course have him privy to all secret meetings, and the Dude’s main job would be to ‘roomba’ around the White House, eavesdrop on aides, hunt for any signs of dissent, and listen in on phone calls. He would be the Tattletale-in-Chief. Since all the staffers would be on camera, in bugged rooms, (unbeknownst to them), any utterings or actions would be scrutinized for signs of traitorous behavior.

    He would take daily rides in a sled-like chariot pulled by mush dogs around the House perimeter, edged with high electric fences topped with barbed wire), carrying a concealed long-range taser gun to zap anyone who gets too close. Once tasered, the prey is taken to a detention camp and tortured for information.

    Hail (Heil) to the FIRST DUUUUDE!!!!!!

  13. PTSD–I know Nam vets and they react the way McCain often does: outbursts of anger, rage, uncontrolled. Is he on meds, has he a history of problems as a result of POW status? can he be trusted to have finger on nuke button? etc we deserve to know

  14. fred l – thanks for stopping by and commenting. Yes, I agree. We deserve to know especially since if elected, he would have access to the nuke button and with his lack of impulse control, he would “shoot first and ask questions later”.

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