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McCain’s disgraceful Social Security

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(This is a re-post with an update at the end)

John McCain has called our Social Security system a “disgrace”. With this in mind, McCain has absolutely no problem accepting his $1,930/month Social Security check. It doesn’t matter that Cindy McCain earned $6 million in 2006 and is worth over $100 million. John McCain still feels the need to accept his Social Security check. He does have the option of declining Social Security. Once again, another rich person looking for tax shelters relief and government handouts.

Be sure to read more about it here.

Wonder if this $6 million income for 2006 and McCain’s Social Security checks are the reason that Cindy McCain doesn’t want to share her 2007 federal tax information. It wouldn’t look good for McCain if everyone knew how he gladly accepts his government handouts, including tax payer paid health care while his wife makes millions upon millions of dollars while at the same time McCain wants to privatize Social Security and does not support single payer health care for Americans. He refers to single payer health care as “socialism”. However, it’s not socialism when he accepts health care paid for by the very Americans that he believes doesn’t deserve government sponsored health care.

So many Republic hypocrites.

Here’s John McCain voicing his opinion on Social Security.

UPDATE:  Just think, if our Social Security was privatized as John McCain would like it to be, all our Seniors would have lost a great deal of money on September 15, 2008.  They would have nothing and Social Security would be gone.  John McCain doesn’t have to worry about Social Security.  His wife has millions of dollars and he collects a government pension for his time in the service and he will be entitle to another government pension when he retires from Congress.

John McCain does not feel your pain.

7 replies on “McCain’s disgraceful Social Security”

This is just unbelievable.

It’s an outrage that he did not opt out of receiving this money. Is he “entitled” to it? Of course. Does he need it? Duh.

If he wanted to take this SS money every month, why didn’t he do something noble with it, like donating it to an organization for Vets or another worthy cause?

The truth is: McCain is a greedy bastard who has very little ethics. And as President he’ll do what Bush did: give to the wealthy from the pockets of the middle class.

He’s a robber baron. I’m sure his first wife, who he cast aside for the wealthy Cindy, would agree.

(Bruce, I feel like I’m following you around this morning.)

I’m not surprised, really, that he’d take it. He’s probably getting a military pension as well (which I think he deserves).

McCain is a bit (ok, more than a bit) disgusting. I can’t stand him, his “ethics” or his misogynist jokes.

BTW, this is a great blog. I’m glad I stumbled on it. I linked to you, so you’re easier to find.

Cats – I keep repeating myself, “McCain has no character.”

Like Bruce said — he should donate his check. Many veterans organizations would quickly accept his donation.

He has NO character. Nothing about him is impressive. Nothing.

“He has NO character. Nothing about him is impressive. Nothing.”

You have no respect for the advances in modern medicine that have allowed this man to live to 137 years old and still have the faculties to cash his own checks.

No Respect!

John McCain is talking about decimating a system that I’m quite sure his own mother benefits from. Yes, modern medical science has come so far that a 137 year old man’s mother is still alive! But seriously, as a youngster my mother and I recieved Social Security due to my father’s untimely death. If Social Security wasn’t around back then, who knows where I’d be now. Granted, things were tight, but we made it through until I was out of school and went to work. My mother was a GOP die hard, I have a feeling if she were around today things might be different when put into perspective.

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