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When Black Friday Comes…

Only, this time it’s Black Monday. This is part of the Bush Economic Plan, the very plan that John McCain supports and wants to continue. A couple of years ago, Dick Cheney dumped his stock investments and purchased Bonds. Cheney saw this coming. McCain won’t feel any of this pain. As a matter of fact, drug and alcohol use increases during times of financial depression.

The better tax plan…

Woohoo! A better tax break with Obama for Middle Class Americans, those of us that have to work for a living.

WAIT… There’s more

The American worker should not be blamed for the greedy Wall Street bankers that send money to John McCain’s campaign. The very same Wall Street bankers that John McCain has always voted to support.

And then there’s this…

Greenspan is referring to the LARGE TAX CUTS to WEALTHY Americans. You’ve seen the charts above.

2 replies on “When Black Friday Comes…”

Wow. Great post. I might steal some of this for my blog. Everyone should see some of these videos.

Unbelievable that today McIdiot could say once again the fundamentals of the economy are strong.

But who cares? He’s a white war hero! And Palin knows Jesus!

Bruce – help yourself šŸ™‚

McCain won’t be hurting. He can’t possibly relate to any of this. He referred to the American workers as fundamentals. So we are nothing but numbers to McCain.

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