Barack Obama Campaign Videos

The Difference Between McCain and Bush

Barack Obama in New Hampshire September 12, 2008

By Cats r Flyfishn

Never look down on someone unless you are helping them up.

2 replies on “The Difference Between McCain and Bush”

Good video. Obama got it right on the media and on McCain.

Will white people vote for McCain because he’s white? Do they not care about how aligned he is with Bush policies and will NOT BE A REFORMER, but will instead go the same route?

I’m a white male and I’m not taken in by McCain’s lies. I know his voting record. I know he will not turn things around.

AND, I’m concerned McCain-Palin are as war hungry as Bush was.


Cats – excellent video!

Bruce, I hope you have ‘5 white males’ that you’ve registered that you’re taking to the polls on November 4 – we need a BLOW OUT in CA!

As an alternative, vote early and spend the day in your neighboring Nevada helping to get voters out.

Contact an Obama office in NV from a smaller town and ask how you can help on Election Day.

There are no do overs. We need to get this done on Election Day.

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