Barack Obama Videos

Fired Up and Ready to Go

One voice can change a room… many voices can change our nation and our world.

VOLUNTEER, let’s make it happen. Yes, we can.

4 replies on “Fired Up and Ready to Go”

Beautiful! I’m FIRED UP and READY TO GO!

Cats, we had our office grand opening tonight and expected about 100 people – we got OVER 500 and the media was there in droves. WOW!

It was a beautiful sight to see; people came in their Obama T-Shirts, buttons, hats, lights adorned around their heads – it was INCREDIBLE!!!


Congratulations, Minchy. I’m noticing more Obama signs in the neighborhood. I have a neighbor that keeps stopping by to get more signs. So far, he must have handed out 30 signs over the past 4 months.

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