John McCain Made a Promise…

John McCain promises more wars and he is going to ask all the young people to serve in his wars. This serving, of course, will require a return to the “draft” with no deferrments this time. It will be like Isreal. Everyone must spend time in the military.

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The Congressional Budget Office has released horrendous figures for what we’re now adding to the national debt and the forecast for the economy is not good to say the least. We could be in for some scary times ahead. And this idiot, who knows nothing about the economy, wants to wage more war and run the debt up even higher. I guess until America’s economy collapses completely, at least half the population will vote for such idiots.

Bruce – not only does Sarah Palin hate cats, she is afraid of cats 😆 I was just at “A Public Christian” website. It’s a good place for me to visit. Some of the postings and comments on that site help me get a better perspective on things.

Thanks to Bruce’s post I am exasperated and angry!!!

I just cannot tolerate ANYTHING McCain/Palin right now.

What I’m about to say is coarse, but I hope McCain’s ‘you know what’ falls off. Yup, I said it!

This is probably the best video I’ve seen on why we shouldn’t vote for McCain. Incredible.

I love Scott Ritter. I listened to an interview with him prior to the Iraq War and he said that there were no weapons and that the war was a bad idea. He was the reason why I was against the Iraq war from the beginning.
If he is warning us about what the fallout from Iran will be – believe him!

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