Dear Hillary – about those 18 million cracks…

Now before anyone starts attacking me (and you know who you are) for writing in support of Hillary Clinton, be sure to read Politics is Politics first. I was disappointed in Hillary Clinton’s attacks during the primary season. Since then, Hillary and I have “kissed and made up”, so to speak. What I did learn about Hillary is that she is very good at standing up for her principles and Americans. I liked and respected Hillary Clinton before the primaries and I still like and respect Hillary Clinton. If you want to attack me, please be sure to include a link to this site when you do it. Publicity will help spread the truth about Sarah Palin and John McCain.

Now that that is out of the way, I want to address the real issues. Last week, John McCain was pressured by his Republican handlers to choose an ultra conservative, right wing female to be his running mate. McCain’s first choice was Joe Lieberman and he also seriously considered Tom Ridge. But John McCain, no longer the maverick, folded his hand, adjusted his “Party” hat, and gave into the right wing, neocon Republicans that control him. All you moderate Republicans can forget about “the maverick” because “the maverick” threw away his deck of cards and packed up his guns and he won’t be back. It’s all right wing, Evangelicals all the way until election day and then if he wins, it will be more of Bush and Cheney years.

This brings me to John McCain’s running mate… Sarah Palin who told the “18 million cracks in the ceiling” that they now have a woman on the ticket. Well, female on the ticket is certainly correct. As far as someone whose policies, ideas and values go, Sarah Palin is no Hillary Clinton.

Let’s do a comparison on three issues and this is with the assumption that Sarah Palin will be supporting John McCain’s platform. But before I go any further, let’s show Hillary Clinton that we support her by contributing to her campaign. She still needs our help so let’s do it.

UPDATE:  Video of Hillary Clinton’s speech in  Florida.  Hillary Clinton supports Obama and Biden.

Hillary Clinton on Energy and Environment:

Proposes a Strategic Energy Fund that would raise $50 billion over 10 years by taxing the “excess profits” of oil companies and cutting their tax breaks. The money would be invested in “clean energy technologies,” including renewable energy, energy efficiency, “clean coal,” plug-in hybrids, cellulosic ethanol and other biofuels, and more. Clinton describes it as “an Apollo Project-like program dedicated to achieving energy independence.”

Emphasizes the creation of “green-collar jobs” in the fields of clean energy and energy efficiency. Aims to create up to 5 million clean-energy jobs over the next decade.

Her statement on climate change:

“The risks of inaction [on climate change], for those who still cling to the outmoded and disgraced view that there is no need for action, are abundantly clear. The consequences are so dire that this election has to focus on this issue. We cannot afford to fiddle while the world warms because we’ve already seen and we know conclusively what that will do to us.”

— Nov. 17, 2007, speaking in Los Angeles at the Global Warming and America’s Energy Future forum sponsored by Grist
Sarah Palin both supporting John McCain’s platform and her own history on Energy and the Environment.
  • John McCain Will Commit Our Country To Expanding Domestic Oil Exploration.
  • John McCain Believes In Promoting And Expanding The Use Of Our Domestic Supplies Of Natural Gas.
  • Palin wants to see more offshore oil drilling along America’s coastlines, a position she has held for a long time, in contrast to McCain, who only embraced offshore drilling in Summer 2008, after previously opposing it for many years.
  • Palin argues that increasing U.S. oil production with more offshore drilling will help the United States become energy independent and lower gasoline prices for consumers, even though the U.S. Department of Energy has estimated that it would take nearly two decades for offshore drilling to have any effect on gas prices—and even then would lower prices by only a few pennies.
  • Palin has been pushing hard to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) to drilling, which puts her at odds with McCain, who is still opposed to drilling in ANWR.
  • Drill, drill, drill and then drill some more.
  • Climate change is not caused by human activities.

This is interesting because it seems that Sarah Palin wants more drilling than John McCain.

Hillary Clinton on Health Care:

  • Hillary Clinton supports mandatory health care coverage for everyone. She believes that every American should have health insurance and that there should not be a pre-existing condition restriction on obtaining affordable health care.
John McCain and Sarah Palin on Health Care:
  • Both McCain and Palin believe that our health care should remain just as it is… no changes needed. Health care should remain on the open, free market. Under John McCain’s health care plan, Americans will need to pay taxes on their health insurance. John McCain and Sarah Palin both have health insurance paid for by the taxpayers.

I don’t like the sound of the McCain plan. More taxes??? And Sarah Palin raised taxes in Alaska by placing a sales tax on food, the most essential item that every American needs. It’s a regressive tax. So don’t let these two Republicans tell you that they won’t raise taxes. If they get elected, it will be more deficit spending.

Hillary Clinton on Women’s Issues:
  • Hillary Clinton is committed to protect a woman’s right to make the most fundamental decisions about her life and health and supports a comprehensive agenda for women’s reducing unintended pregnancy and enhancing access to reproductive health care.
  • The agenda includes preventing unintended pregnancies by increasing access to honest, accurate sex education, contraception and family planning services, ensuring that private health plans offer the same level of coverage for contraception as they do for other prescription drugs and services, ensuring that women who survive sexual assault have access to emergency contraception upon request.
  • Hillary has been a leading advocate for the right of every woman to make the most personal of life decisions for years. She believes the right to privacy is a fundamental right, and that abortion should be safe, legal, and rare.
  • Read more about it here
Sarah Palin and John McCain on Women’s issues:
  • Sarah Palin opposes abortion for all cases.
  • Sarah Palin does not support accurate sex education. Sarah Palin believes in abstinence only sex education.
  • As Mayor of Wasilla, Sarah Palin had the police charge rape victims for their rape kits.
  • John McCain promises to appoint Supreme Court Justices that will overturn Roe v Wade.
  • For his part, Sen. McCain has voted to boost abstinence-only funding, to end federal family planning funding, and against teen pregnancy prevention programs. Watch John McCain discuss insurance coverage
  • You can read more here

The choice is clear. When it comes to the issues, Sarah Palin is the exact opposite to Hillary Clinton. Any one that believes in and supports Hillary Clinton, would never insult all the hard work that she has done for America and Americans by either voting for McCain/Palin or not voting at all in the general election.

13 replies on “Dear Hillary – about those 18 million cracks…”

Sarah Palin is an adult female human being – that’s the only thing she has in common with Hillary Clinton.

Sarah Palin, from all I have read, seems to be against anything that is pro-female. Alaska can keep her.


Look at how Barack Obama goes on Msnbc, the worst News station in the rating,
To get his Lies across, Kieth Oberman will never give him a bad or hard question, which is clear, But look at Barack Obama on BIll Orielly, bill gave him not even hard question, Obama starts stammering stutters get scared , so Obama ran to the worst Bias News station who would back him,



Tammy Lynn,

First, stop shouting. No one is shouting at you. Secondly, learn how to spell. Thirdly, learn how to write proper English. Fourthly, your rant made absolutely no sense. Your poor use of the English language indicates that you are under-educated. Is it the under-educated that support McCain? Too bad. Poor education comes from the “No Child Left Behind” bill which is supported by McCain. Barack Obama would help you get a better education but you prefer to vote against your own best interest.

Cats, I love you, you kick-ass blogger, you.

Great post.

The Hillary video says no longer available. I wonder if you can find it somewhere else and re-insert?


Cats, thanks for posting that comment on my blog with those links.

Reading about how Palin still has ties to the AIP (at least they certainly think so don’t they!), and AIP’s ties to terrorism, is startling. This woman was a certified fringe lunatic. And now she’s a mainstream one. Dangerous Jane.

The more I learn about Sarah Palin, the scarier she is. She only became a Republican so that she can win elections. That is known as a RINO – Republican in name only. I’m sure she still has connections to this group. And to read about how this group is connected the Chechyens who are also connected to bin Lauden. So, Sarah and Todd are three removed from bin Lauden.

It is amazing to be the mother of 4 and somehow not a women. I voted for HRC not for any issues except they were her own. I figured if I was to be stuck with a Dem for the next 4 years I would choose a strong women who worked accross the isle and was pragmatic. I was also sick of the sexism of the left and media. I cant stand Obama and would never have voted for him (way to far to the far left). Stop assuming you know who voted for HRC because you don’t know me and I am not alone.

Lealy – you voted for Hillary because she is a woman, no other reason. If you did research, you would find that Hillary and Barack are almost identical on the issues. It’s odd how people assume Barack Obama is to the far left. You must be getting him confused with Dennis Kucinich or Christopher Dodd. Facts show that Barack Obama is a moderate conservative.

Vote for McCain and vote against everything that Hillary has worked for. McCain is more of the same.

I am not assuming I know who voted for Hillary. I do suspect that you may have some hidden racial issues that you are uncomfortable disclosing otherwise you would have taken a better look at Obama on the issues and would have seen that the only difference between Hillary and Barack was their health care plan.

TOO LATE..Hillary is THE true progressive.

Obama’s words ring hollow because he had never fought for anything except being elected…and it shows.

The American people have caught on & it is becoming more and more likely that the Republicans will once again win when it was a Democratic year.

The Democratic Party does not understand the American’s gut reaction when it comes to electing their President. They will choose unquestionable patriotism over everything else….yes, beyond logic…but within the REALITY of how Americans vote in the General Election.

Hillary was right..SHE was the best chance we had against the Republicans

I hope that all the Hillary supporters are contributing at her website. She does have campaign debt that she must pay off. The sad part is that Obama and Clinton were the same on all the issues except health care. I know because I took several issues tests and Hillary and Barack always scored the same and they were both at the bottom of my choices. So any TRUE Hillary supporter that can’t vote for Obama makes me think that there are hidden racial issues that they are afraid to address. There is no other reason because there is no other difference between their position on issues.

Lillian – do you really believe that McCain will bring change? If you, then you will have been fooled by Republican lies.

Great post. And great slap down. 🙂
The trolls are everywhere now.

Palin is getting scarier every day. I would rank her almost with Cheney on the scare-o-meter.

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