Small Town

Currently, I live in a small community, population approximately 3000 people give or take a few hundred. I also lived in big cities like Philadelphia and Boston and a medium size city like Reading.

What I learned is that there is very little difference between the people from a small town and a large city. In both places, some people attend churches and some people don’t; some people own guns and some people don’t; some people take care of their health and some people don’t; some teenagers have premarital sex and some teenagers don’t; some residents are heterosexual and some residents aren’t; some people are kind and caring and some people are mean and nasty; some people have loving families and some people suffer abuse from a family member; some people are honest and some people lie; some people pay taxes and some people make fraudulent insurance claims; some people have pets and some people don’t; and some people volunteer and some people don’t.

Republicans don’t own small towns. Democrats don’t own small towns. The same is true for large cities.

There are some things that all these people do. Everyone breathes the air, everyone needs clean water, everyone needs safe food to eat and everyone must eliminate waste materials from their bodies. You see, small town, big town, it doesn’t matter. We are all the same.

Republicans at their convention spoke of divisiveness between Liberals and Conservatives. Barack Obama says “There are no Red States and there are no Blue States. There is only the United States of America.” In Wisconsin and at the Republican Convention, John McCain and Sarah Palin make it sound like they only care about “small towns”. How about caring for all Americans? That would be a novel idea for Republicans.

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Cats – I’m not exactly sure who McCain’s supporters are. There are 311 million people in the US so I guess he has some.

But if his mantra is “Country First” he better be careful because if any of his supporters pick up a newspaper, watch TV and have even a remotely analytical mind they will realize that if they put ‘Country First’ they could not vote for McCain. McCain doesn’t have any policies or plans that is healthy for the infrastructure of America or Americans.

What has the republicans done for the last 8 years – start wars that they have woefully mismanaged and made America look like a bunch of ignorant, small minded people, unworldly people.

Country FIRST – Obama/Biden 08!!!

The Republicans act like they’re the only ones with morals. One of them wrote about me on their blog deriding me that I was obviously into “unity” – as if that’s a dirty thing.

“Small town values”. How about “values” period.

Bruce, really? Good for you. Checking out the dividers. It’s funny how they wrap themselves in the flag and think that this makes them American. It takes more than a flag. The flag is nothing more than a few pieces of material. It’s the nation that the flag represents that’s important, not the flag itself.

I did visit this article, and did read it. And this may come as a shock to you. I too, come from a small town in New Hampshire. I have also lived in big cities like Panama City, Florida and Minneapolis. I agree with you on what you said. I am not trying to get a democrat to vote republican or vice versa. As long as there is a mankind…no one is going to be completely satified with everything nor is everyone going to think the same thing. We are humans…and we all care about this country as an American. It is my opinion that we all take a stance together for the sake of this Country…We need to let no matter who or what party gets into the White House in November we the american people have had enough, and we intend to fight back and get the country back on the right road. $700 billion bailout bill with another $150+billion in earmarks added to it because our congress held a strong arm on the senate in order to get it passed with their interests on it. To me this is totally outrageous.
With the money they are spendiing…they could have gotten health insurance for everyone…could have gotten cleaner fuels, to see to it our water is clean, given our children a better education than they are receiving now, and the list goes on. It is DIRTY POLITICS……..And no…I am neither republican nor democrat….I am nothing but “ME”…someone who is looking for a better way and quality of life, someone who can be proud of their country, someone who exspect the canidates and politicans to tell the truth…no bending the truth…no lies….How does one American say they truthfully know…their man….is the answer with all of the lies on both sides???
And thank you for welcoming another opinion but your own….I do feel that is what this blogging is all about. And I do apologize on my assumption that the sexual misbehavior of Pres. Bill Clinton was morally ok with you……thanks

Lizzygram – I, too, believe that the money, which we as a nation don’t have, could have been spent in better ways such as health insurance, education, cleaner, greener fuels and a cleaner, safer environment.

See, we really aren’t that far apart. I have a great deal of admiration for Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama. To me, they are more representative of the hard working American woman, regardless of salary. I can go on and on about working women, working mothers, single parents etc… from personal experiences. I’ll save you from the details.

Thanks for stopping by.

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