Fear and Doubt

I found these quotes on MSNBC. Last night, some Republican delegates were asked how they would feel if Barack Obama won the Presidency. Here are two quotations along with my thoughts on these comments.

Fear, fear and more fear…

“My major concern is national security: I’ve got six granddaughters and a grandson. I want them to be absolutely safe in this country and to have the same freedom I’ve experienced,” said Rex Early, an Indianapolis insurance agency owner.

“We just don’t know enough about him,” complained Early about Obama.

The first quotation is absolute nonsense. Just the other day, a person drove through northwest Washington State randomly shooting at people and killing five people. Every one of those people felt safe when they left their house that morning. Instead, they were met with an American terrorist. We don’t have to worry about terrorists coming over here from other countries. We already have our own home grown terrorists. Need I mention Columbine and Virginia Tech? Every one of those shooters wanted to terrorize their victims. It doesn’t matter who’s bullet or bomb or poison kills you, dead is dead. And George W Bush didn’t do a damn thing to protect these people from the terrorists and I don’t know if he could have. The point is, stop looking over there and shaking in your boots when you can’t even control what’s already over here. My chances of being killed by another American right here, in this country, are a lot greater than getting killed by some foreign terrorist.

The second quotation sounds like covert racism. It can’t be anything else because we know a great deal more about Barack Obama than we do about Sarah Palin who would be one heartbeat away from being the President if John McCain gets elected. Besides, Barack Obama has more national experience and more education than Sarah Palin. No, this person was trying to hide the fact that he is afraid of having a “black” person become President. This really gets my blood boiling and I could say a lot more about it, but I will refrain myself at this time.

What is all comes down to is nothing but talking points from the Republicans. There are no new ideas or new solutions. They keep saying and doing the same thing over and over again and expect a different result. That’s known as stupidity and if you believe John McCain will bring a new tomorrow, then you are just as foolish.

By Cats r Flyfishn

Never look down on someone unless you are helping them up.

2 replies on “Fear and Doubt”

Rex’s grandchildren will be SAFE in a war IF McCain becomes president since McCain will have to implement a DRAFT to ‘man’ his wars in Iraq, Iran and maybe even in Russia.

Yes, Rex’s grandchildren will be very safe with McCain as president. 🙄

If Rex is racist in 2008 – he has serious personal issues and I actually feel sorry for Rex. Can you imagine how miserable he must be having to mix with blacks on the streets or sit next to ‘them’ on the plane?

This is what happens when people stay in a little corner of their cave – they remain Neanderthals.

Rex obviously does not know how to READ otherwise he would see that McCain takes him for a fool by spewing garbage which Rex is catching with open arms. If Rex does know how to read he doesn’t have reading comprehension skills.

He’s like McCain – they just don’t ‘get it’.

Rex is like the waitress that I overhead in the restaurant this morning. I was sitting eating breakfast and the TV was turned to Fox News and all the waitress kept saying is that she hasn’t heard anything about the issues from any candidate and she mentioned health care, jobs, gas prices, and the economy. I thought to myself, “well, change the TV station, maybe you’ll get to hear something other than the McCain/Palin war stories”. These people have a limited source of information. All they listen to is Fox News and Rush Limbaugh so they don’t get all the information. The read the local paper just to get the local news. That’s about it. They live in a box. And even when they travel, they don’t step outside the box.

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