Happy Birthday John McCain!

Today, August 29, 2008 is John Sidney McCain’s 72nd Birthday. Happy Birthday Senator McCain!
I would like to call on all Americans, not just Berks Countians, to join me in giving John a very special birthday present!

Is Minchy off his rocker? No….keep reading.

In honor of John’s 72nd birthday, in every state in this union I call on you to call as many Obama supporters you can to build our base of volunteers so we can take our country back! Our goal? 72,000 calls per state TODAY.

We can’t do this alone, we need all people who are able to help deliver this gift to a deserving birthday boy!

For the past eight years we’ve suffered under the policies of George W. Bush. John McCain is looking to continue those same policies for the next four years. We cannot afford another four years of George Bush under the John McCain administration! Let’s tell our neighbors about Barack Obama. We can let them know that Barack Obama can bring the change we so desperately need.

Goto http://www.my.barackobama.com to sign up, use the online call tool and help give John McCain the best birthday present we can, he can stay in the Senate, in the minority, and he can keep saying “NO” only after November, it really won’t matter.

Thanks! and again Happy Birthday John! 😉


10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday John McCain!”

  1. We need volunteers and we need to get out the vote.

    Moveon.org is trying to get out a huge voter registration for young people.

    The more Volunteers we get and the more we get registered the better!

  2. Happy 72nd Birthday!!
    So you celebrate this by choosing inexperienced Sarah Palin as your VP running mate?
    She is not qualified to move into the Presidency in the event that you are incapacitated to die.
    Your judgment is poor, but we know that because you have backed GWB over 90% of the time.

  3. Hi Patricia from Barto. Cats lives close by. If you are interested in getting involved, I will contact you next week. I am one of the bloggers that writes for this blog and an Obama volunteer. Welcome. Come back and visit again.

    Good post, Minchy.

    McCain’s choice for VP shows that he doesn’t know how to make good decisions. He doesn’t have sound judgment. McCain is NOT READY to be president. Guess he thinks that he will siphon off the Hillary supporters. These non-Hillary, “it’s all about me” women were going to vote for McCain anyway. So he won’t be stealing the female voters that support Obama. And Sarah Palin spends 1/2 year living in the dark. 😛

  4. 72 and not ready.
    I spoke to a number of women today and each one was offended at the obvious attempt to pander.

    My mission at work is to take McCain supporters to lunch and explain the errors of their ways.
    In honor of McCain’s birthday, I worked on 3. I think today 1 would vote for Obama, 1 is very much on the fence and is waiting for the debates and the other doesn’t like McCain – he just dislikes Obama more. He’ll be the hardest sell.

  5. My 2 bucks – what you experienced at lunch is the classic “Who Moved the Cheese”. One person was willing to change, the second person was considering the change and the third person, well, they will never change and they will keep returning to the same empty room thinking that the cheese is still there. It’s known as insanity. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

  6. It is like ‘Who Moved the Cheese’. lol. I didn’t even realize it.
    I figure I have to keep this up until November 4th. If I can’t convince people to vote for Obama, I’ll convince them to vote for Bob Barr. One of the guys voted for Perot, so it is possible. 🙂

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