Tuesday – Dennis Kucinich

Since Eileen recommended that we all watch this, I’m posting Dennis Kucinich’s speech.

(special thank you to Paulette at Let Us Talk)


6 thoughts on “Tuesday – Dennis Kucinich”

  1. WOW – that was inspiring. Dennis is correct. The American public has been lulled to sleep by nonsensical news that appears on CNN and Fox just to name a few. Wake up America! It’s our future that is at stake. We can not afford 4 more years.

  2. And I wish we had awakened to Impeachment, Dennis, but we are awakening across this country and will elect Obama in November!

  3. Oh I saw that live on TV. It was such a great speech. I really hope he was the “wake up call” for some more people.

    Obama btw is now officially the Democratic Nominee and in November we will elect him. Only 4 more months, Bush/McCain. Only 4 more months. Only 4! (I loved that speech from your senator as well, as you can see :))

  4. Only 4 more months of Bush/McCain – yeah!

    I loved this speech Cats. Kucinich made me do an Irish jig – that how excited he got me!

    At one point I thought he was going to ‘fly’ since he kept lifting off! 🙂

    Anunlovedone – YEAH!!! Barack is no longer the “Presumptive” he’s now the “NOMINEE”.

    Hip, hip, hooray!!!

    What’s the report from Eileen today?

  5. Thanks for posting this. I had missed it.
    Great, great speech.

    The DNC should run an entire ad campaign on Wake Up America and hit on all of Kucinich’s points.

    Speech of the year – right there.

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