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  • Michelle Obama gave an outstanding speech at Monday’s Democratic Convention. She spoke about her humble beginnings and her love for her family and country. Paulette at Let Us Talk provides a sensitive summary of this phenomenal woman known as Michelle Obama. Will Cindy McCain speak at the Republican Convention? If she does, what is she going to say? That she is an heiress and has more than 7 homes and that she is a recovering drug addict? Perhaps Cindy will talk about how her husband sent her on a “fact finding” mission to Georgia. She is going there to do a casualty evaluation. How that casualty count benefits the American people is beyond my budget and I’m still trying to figure out how Americans benefit economically from Cindy’s visit to Georgia. As someone said to me, “Michelle is the people’s First Lady“. Cindy would be just another heiress sitting on the throne. The Bruce Blog has the video of Michelle’s speech.
  • The PUMAs (stop me if I’m laughing too loudly) – yeah, they showed up, all 3 of them, in front of the MSNBC mobile studio. Chris Matthews decided to go out to the crowd and do some interviewing. He stopped in front of the 3 PUMAS. The woman in the middle (Ann Coulter look alike) kept shouting at Chris that Obama is a “registered Muslim”. I didn’t realize that people have to “register” to a religion. Chris Matthews tells this woman that this is not true and she insists that it is and that she has proof. She said she had a report from a former Congressional investigator, 17 pages long, that says that Obama is a “registered Muslim”. Chris asked her for a name and she said “I’m not going to tell you”. “I’ll be glad to email you”. She was all in his face with smoke coming out of her ears and daggers coming out of her eyes. You can watch the video if you can stomach it…
  • As I was watching Michelle Obama’s speech, I noticed the news ticker or scroll bar streaming across the bottom of the screen. One of the comments was that two contenders for McCain’s VP position were going to Denver… the names… Mitt Romney and Rudy Guiliani. So McCain is considering “dog tied to roof of car” Romny and “a noun, a verb and 9/11” Guiliani. Joe Biden will crush either one of these contenders in the VP debate. If McCain chooses Guiliani it would be a match made in… a… a… well, it would be “A noun, a verb and 9/11” paired with “A noun, a verb and POW”. If McCain chooses Romney, then there will be 11 or 12 mansions between the two of them. It will be known as the “Elitist Team”. Most Americans can’t relate to owning all these houses, especially houses worth millions and millions of dollars. Daily Kos has more in their morning musings over coffee.
  • One last tidbit – McCain is running a commercial that has a Clinton delegate from Ohio stating that she is going to vote for McCain. Rachel Maddow interviewed this woman and asked her if she was aware that John McCain has promised to do away with Roe v Wade. The woman responded with “No, I didn’t know that“. Goes to show ya how uninformed people are. Any woman that votes for John McCain is voting against her own interests. It wouldn’t surprise me if McCain proposed doing away with a woman’s right to vote. He supports insurance companies paying for Viagra but opposes insurance payments for birth control. Would McCain need Viagra and that’s why it’s covered? Just asking.

By Cats r Flyfishn

Never look down on someone unless you are helping them up.

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Cats, this is a great great post. So many excellent points. Everyone should read it! Thank you.

Fantastic post. You covered so much. I already thought that Michelle was an amazing woman. She took it up a million notches.

Everyone’s on to the PUMA joke now. Rachel Maddow is great. I am looking forward to her show on MSNBC.

Rudy 911-iani? Really? The NeoCons are going to go ballistic and rally around Bob Barr. Biden must be licking his chops for a debate with 911-iani.

Cats – I LOVE this post!!! I felt like I was at a really good buffet and had a taste of all the good stuff!

That video with the THREE Pumas was dare I say – embarrassing! OMG! Do they take drugs in order to believe their own lies??? Chris Mathews did the right thing. He gave them air time to prove their point and they talked about an alleged 17 page piece of shyt so called investigation.

Several news agencies WENT to the school Obama attended in Indonesia and it is not even a religious school.

I have a bridge I want to sell that idiot. Anyone got her number?

What a buffoon!!!

Thank you for the compliment. This is the first time that you have visited us and actually behaved like a mature adult. We allowed your comment to be posted because you congratulated us on a job well done. We promise to work hard so that we don’t have four more years of McBush, I mean Bush policies. John McCain will be more of the same. I prefer to have my income rise and not fall like it has under Bush. And elitist McCain has no clue that the middle class American is hurting financially. If this continues, there will only be the very rich and the poor. When that happens, the rich will need to live behind bars and walls and have body guards with them so that they don’t get kidnapped or killed by the poor, just like in Brazil and any other third world country.

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