A noun, a verb and …

Rudy Guiliani – a noun, a verb and 9/11

John McCain – a noun, a verb and POW

John McCain’s over use of his POW status is becoming insulting to every other person that has ever been captured or tortured or restrained against their will… this includes other POWs, victims of kidnapping and I will go as far as to include victims of rape. It’s like he is the “only” person to have suffered some horrible fate and nobody else has ever suffered as much as him. Hum…

John McCain is starting to sound like a “whiner”, someone that wants us all to vote for him because he “suffered” so much for his country. If that’s the logic that the McCain campaign wants us to follow, then Max Cleland should still be a Senator from Georgia serving in the US Congress and the House Republicans should be praising John Murtha instead of attacking him.

Wesley Clark was correct when he stated that John McCain’s military experience isn’t something that would make him qualified to be president.

You see, it’s okay for Republicans to attack and lie about Democrats that have lost arms and legs fighting for this country and continue fighting for veterans. When it comes to the Democrats, they better not attack a Republican POW who may possibly be suffering from PTSD as evidenced by his anger issues, poor memory and confusion because that would be “unpatriotic”.

As a Patriot, I know that this is just more Republican hypocrisy.

By Cats r Flyfishn

Never look down on someone unless you are helping them up.

8 replies on “A noun, a verb and …”

Excellent post. McCain is running the POW thing into the ground. He is now getting caught in lies with a couple of the war stories.
The Cleland attack was the lowest the Republicans have ever gone – which is saying an awful lot.

Actually Bruce, I read your post and it made start thinking about McCain and what he has to say. It’s always about his POW status and lying attacks on Obama. McCain is really becoming boring. He is an empty shell.

Cats – what an excellent thought – I didn’t think of that!!!

Obama should do an ad with Max Cleland and John Murtha showing their support for him. That would be a kick in McCain’s ass.

I also agree he’s making it seem that he ‘suffered’ so we should feel guilty and vote for him to be president. Puh-leese – just ridiculous!

“A noun, a verb and POW” — sad, but true. Excellent point. And if trends continue, one that I suspect will bear repeating a lot in the coming weeks.

I’m done sitting ildly by while the Right continues to market gutter politics as patriotism. Not this election. Not this year. Not after what they did to John Kerry. Not after what they continue to do.

This is precisely why I think selecting Joe Biden was a shrewd pick. You can’t play those games with Biden. Obama is great at taking the punches and playing above the fray. Biden is great at level the knockout blows.

I’m looking forward to the VP debate more than ever.

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