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Three Fridays, three false attack ads

John McCain doesn’t want us to know the truth. He has no plan to reduce taxes for the middle class. McCain wants to keep the tax breaks for the rich, like himself and his wife and continue giving tax breaks to corporations for sending jobs overseas. Yes, the lobbyist love John McCain. He will give them everything that they ask for and we, the working poor and middle class will get nothing. We will continue paying more for goods and worrying more about keeping our jobs while the rich, including the McCains will be smiling all the way to their off shore tax shelters.

Celebrities don’t have to worry about their family budgets, but the middle class and the poor do. And John McCain has nothing to offer us.

By Cats r Flyfishn

Never look down on someone unless you are helping them up.

5 replies on “Three Fridays, three false attack ads”

Good ad. Thanks for posting.

Obama should put ads like this on TV (edited down of course). Just someone talking, giving the straight facts. It’s very effective.

And how exciting you have 2 friends who are Obama delegates.

I’ll be checkin’ back here for your “coverage”.

(So you’re a Cat who’s a Yellow Dog. You’re not trying to flip-flop are you?!)

McCavein has profited handsomely by renting himself out as a man-whore to the lobbyists. Of COURSE he’ll continue to do so; as President, his take would be bigger than ever.

McScum isn’t renting himself out to the elite; he is the elite. His persona, the whole “maverick” [sic] thing, is much like GW Bush’s cowboy–the kind of non-conformist persona you can only afford if you have access to extraordinary privilege. If you actually have to work for a living, you don’t have time to act like this.


seth- you are correct. How many average Americans have more than one home, and I’m not counting rental properties because that could be someone’s business. McCain has 7 homes to call his own. Wonder which of the 7 kitchen tables, I mean, dining room tables he’ll be sitting at this evening.

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