Four More Years!

We cannot afford 4 more years of the same.


4 thoughts on “Four More Years!”

  1. The truth, my friend, is that we likely cannot afford four more WEEKS of it.

    I am increasingly convinced that the game is up. The unraveling will probably be as sudden as the USSR’s was, and the world will be equally unprepared for it.

  2. Ralph Reed, another who calls himself a “Christian” but is completely unethical. McCain seems to like such types.

    And as for Abramoff: greedy criminal.

    And lest we forget McCain’s “Keating” past.

    Now he’s inferring about reinstating the draft.

    He’s every bit as scary as Bush.

  3. We have to keep hanging on at least until Obama gets elected. If McCain gets the presidency, then I fear we will be doomed. He talks about reducing the deficit “when we WIN the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan”. How many years will that take? A military draft will only put the country deeper in debt. McCain is McCrazy. He has to stop fighting the Vietnam war, otherwise, it will be war, war and more war.

  4. The Bush regime can still do so much more damage in their last 5 months. I can’t imagine having to deal with 4 more years.

    Another area where Bush and McBush are the same: When Bush was running against Gore, he was considered a moderate willing to work with his friends from across the aisle. We saw how well that worked over the last 8 years.

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