My job was off-shored

John McCain doesn’t feel the pain.  We were told that our job losses are just “mental” and all we need is a “psychological” boost. Americans losing their jobs doesn’t put food on the table nor does it provide a roof over our heads.  John McCain promised that he is NOT going to keep all the jobs in America.

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Loomis has a posting about John McCain from the American Conservative. It is an eye opener and well worth reading.


2 thoughts on “My job was off-shored”

  1. I heard back from a reader yesterday that stated that I was whining because I couldnt find a job and that I needed to just go out and find a job, any job.

    So I thought about that all night and I came to these conclusions:

    I frequently mention my own experiences so that those of you going through the same will be willing to write me with your own stories of whats happening because this is the only way that we can get people to really understand what we are seeing from our perspective.
    I ran into a mainframe systems type guy from Dallas that I had gone to high school with and his story was that he got laid off 6 years ago and drew unemployment for 6 months or whatever the time limit is and that he still hasnt found a job and that he too is not counted on any of the unemployed reports because he hasnt re-registered as there is no financial incentive to do so and he too like me and I fear others is constantly looking, but not finding anything.
    Perhaps it is only the technology business that is suffering through these times with the offshoring of our work. If that is not the case, please let me know
    I know for a fact that I have had the assistance of many IT people and we have rewritten my resume at least 50 times, if not 100 times and I have submitted it to at least 20,000 jobs over the last 6 years and I’m simply not getting interviews and I have done everything but lie on my resume which I refuse to do.
    The only two things I can figure out regarding myself are 1) I’m too far from the city to be considered, 2) I’m 50, and 3) I went into the service instead of going to college and getting a degree.
    Thinking about that led to a sleepless night thinking about these things:

    The experts said that the housing bubble would never pop, but it has and now we’re finding out that our experts never even considered this possibility in their calculations because it couldnt happen, but it did.
    We are importing 70 % of the oil necessary to run our country. What will we do for energy in the event of a World War and our supplies are caught off. Yep, I hope it will never happen, but it could and probably will as history has shown in the past.
    Speaking of that, if the unthinkable were to happen and we have exported over 90% of our steel manufacturing capabilities, what will we do ?
    Yes, these are hard questions that I’ve always believed that our government considered, but after the housing bubble, well I’m not so sure anymore and they do need to be considered as History has proven time and again that it has happened time and again and from the little that I have read about it, it has typically happened during times of great economic unrest.
    Our experts are stating that with the price of oil so low, that there is not enough reward for our companies to be drilling now. If we are not drilling now, what are we doing to replace the FINITE source of oil when it runs out or is shut off from us as a nation ? If we are not doing something about it, we will be at the mercy of any nation that does have the oil and steel to wage war against us. Unthinkable yes, but it needs to be considered as it could happen.
    The 700 billion plus dollars that we are sending overseas every year for oil and the estimated 300 billion plus dollars that we are sending overseas and increasing to offshore our work. These are hard numbers to get your head around and if you’re wondering how they affect you, lets look at it this way. Three million 400 thousand jobs times an average wage of 75,000 is 255 BILLION dollars. If you take an average income tax of 30 % you will arrive at 76 BILLON 500 THOUSAND dollars. This is the amount of tax revenue that we are losing by offshoring our jobs. According to our own CIA’s web site at it takes 2.568 TRILLION DOLLARS to run our country in 2007 and if we accept that as fact, then we are sending approximately 25 PERCENT of the money necessary to run our country overseas. Now math is not my favorite subject, so one of you will need to tell me how much we will need to raise our taxes to compensate for this 76,500,000,000.00 that we are sending offshore.
    I can hear you now. It’s only money and we’ll just print some more, but according to the Peterson Foundation (mentioned in the resources menu on this site) we currently owe nearly 60 TRILLION dollars in debt to foreign companies that we can’t pay. You know from your own personal financial disasters what happens when you can’t pay your debt.
    All of these items taken by themselves are bad enough, but when you take all of them together you create the potential for the PERFECT STORM.
    So the bottom line is this, if me doing what I can to educate you on the dangers that our country is facing from our own greed is whining, then so be it because unless one of you wants to take this job and run with it, somebody has to do it.

    It was not my intent to be doing this at this point in my life, but experiencing all of the things I’ve seen the last 6 years and watching our current financial crisis where our government rewards failure and acknowledges the fact that they hadn’t planned on housing prices going lower makes me very much aware that they are not planning on the potential pitfalls from sending all of our jobs overseas and becoming reliant for other nations on our energy and steel.

    So if this is to be my lot in life, so be it and I will write about it for as long as necessary or until we pull our heads out of the sand and come to the realization of what our inactions are letting others accomplish.

    If you would like to whine away about your situation or what we’re doing, feel free to email me at


    Virgil Bierschwale

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