Seven Years Ago Today…

Take it away Harriet.  Im not interested.
Take it away Harriet. I'm not interested.

President George W Bush received this memo (declassified in 2004) which he ignored and in turned failed to protect the American people. As a result, 3000+ people died on September 11, 2001 and many more people died because of a war based on lies in Iraq.

George W. Bush… the worse president ever. He failed to keep us safe.

Just think, the world would be a safer place in only George W. Bush did his job as president and took responsible action with this memo. Instead, he preferred playing golf and cutting brush.

America – George W Bush failed us.


2 thoughts on “Seven Years Ago Today…”

  1. Cats — Bush FAILED, FAILED, FAILED in every responsibility towards Americans.

    Bruce, what is your mantra that I want to steal? Is it prosecute, impeach, convict!

    I have to write it down. You are so on point with your mantra. It’s been a crazy busy week – please remind me. 🙂


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