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Double your gas mileage

… for around $60.00 from parts that can be purchased from your local hardware store.
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This is the information that the oil companies and our government is keeping from the American consumer. We are constantly told that water powered vehicles are decades away from being affordable and that the US auto makers just can’t afford adding this technology to its vehicles.

Well, guess what. It is affordable. Yes, you can run your car on water. The HHO conversion kits break apart water into it’s element gaseous components of 2 Hydrogen molecules to 1 Oxygen molecule. Add these gases to gasoline and you will increase your gas mileage, improve the performance of your car engine and actually steam clean your engine every time your drive.

Watch the gases rise as the molecules split in this video demonstration.

I’m not an automobile mechanic so I wouldn’t have a clue as how to convert my current vehicle to a hybrid. The links below will provide you with more information on this simple technology.

NOTE: Pennsylvania for Change is not endorsing any particular brand. We are just providing links to various sources of information.

You can also search Google using the terms “hho gen”.

Happy motoring!

And a bit of entertainment with the Honda Hydrogen Fuel Car…

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By Cats r Flyfishn

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3 replies on “Double your gas mileage”

I’ve noticed that gas prices are beginning to lower WITHOUT drilling in ANWR and WITHOUT opening up new off-shore drilling. Hum… looks like McCain is wrong again.

There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch

I’m sorry, that’s total snake oil. It belongs in the same category as perpetual motion machines (and in fact, if it *did* work, it would require breaking the same laws of physics).

Sure, if something could magically(*) break water into hydrogen and oxygen, recombining them would yield energy. Of course, the problem is break apart water *requires* a large amount of energy – the exact same energy you get from combining them. You never get energy for free, it has to come from somewhere.

*These devices *don’t* split water into hydrogen and oxygen; that would require *serious* energy inputs. That’s why hydrogen is a potentially useful fuel – it’s good for *storing* energy (high energy-per-weight, and you can take any energy and convert it into hydrogen). You still need a source of energy (power plant, wind, solar, gas, etc).

The only thing you can do with water (sometimes) to improve a gas engine is to put a fine spray of it into the intake (which is probably what these do). It will vaporize (not split into hydrogen and oxygen), and in doing so absorb some energy (heat). This can cool the intake charge, allowing the engine to take in more mass (of air and fuel), yielding slightly more *power*. So racers sometimes use water injection for power – but it doesn’t help efficiency.

Please, please pull or revise this post. This merely makes progressives look like fools, and undermines our attempts to convince voters that plans like McCain’s energy plan are foolish and short-sighted. And your disclaimer doesn’t stop us (and you) from looking like you endorse it.

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