Phil Gramm folds under the pressure.

I’m guessing that Phil Gramm is doing what all good Republicans do when they’ve caused public outrage. Phil Gramm announced late Friday that he is leaving the McCain campaign. Phil has decided to join the number of growing supporters of Senator McSame. The reason I say growing is because everyone who screws up on his campaign leaves, and that number seems to increase week to week. Perhaps ole Phil wants to be out of the spotlight, since in my opinion he should be indicted on tax fraud. He is, after all, the number two man at UBS, who was hiding money for millionaires who think they’re above paying taxes. So, John, this is the economic plan you have? Take care of the millionaires and screw the rest of us? Oh I’m sorry, I must be a whiner.

See more on Phil Gramm and UBS here:

See Phil Gramm’s announcement here:

Note how he blames Democrats, if I wasn’t laughing so hard, I’d cry.


2 thoughts on “Phil Gramm folds under the pressure.”

  1. I find the connection between Phil Graham and UBS and the recent tax evasion investigation interesting. The other piece to this is that the media is not printing much about this tax evasion by these banks.

    Here’s hoping more people leave John McCain, especially the voters.

  2. Cats — you are so right. Gramm is responsible for so many of the republican policies that affect average Americans to our detriment. He was also part of the ‘deregulation’ of banks that helped to cause the mess banks are in today.

    Did you hear about his financing of 2 porn films?

    The character of many of McCain surrogates are like his — wishy washy.

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