Take the money and run

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Since our economy is tumbling down hill with inflation taking off like an airplane and people losing their jobs to other countries, and the dollar falling in value, I felt that this article would be of some interest. The Republicans, including the boy Bush and the old man McCain, want us to believe that our economic pain is all mental and that all we need is a psychological boost to stop us from whining. It’s not quite that simple. These rich folks have no clue because this economic downturn does not effect them. If Cindy McCain can go on a $750,000 shopping spree in one month, she does not feel the pain of gas going from $1.46 when the boy Bush took office to over $4.10. This has no effect on her or other people with wealth.

Looks like some of these rich folks may be heading off to jail for tax evasion. Do you notice that rich people are always whining about paying taxes and still looking for government handouts? Why is that?

Hundreds of super-rich American tax cheats have, in effect, turned themselves in to the IRS after a bank computer technician in the tiny European country of Liechtenstein came forward with the names of US citizens who had set up secret accounts there, according to Washington lawyers investigating the scheme.

The computer technician that did the right thing by handing over these names is considered a “thief” by his own country and had to go into hiding so that he doesn’t get prosecuted.

There will be an investigation by Congress led by Carl Levin. The best is yet to come…

Aides say the hearing will also focus on the role of the giant Swiss bank UBS and its alleged efforts to help wealthy Americans hide their money from the IRS through shell companies in Liechtenstein

Yeah, you read that correctly… UBS… Phil Graham… John McCain. One is known by the company that they keep.

You can’t make this stuff up. It keeps getting better.

A former UBS private banker, Bradley Birkenfeld, has agreed to a plea deal and is reported to be cooperating with US authorities in bring charges against American citizens on tax evasion charges.

You can read the complete article here (h/t Huffington Post)

And here’s more

By the way, the rich Americans that have already been subpoenaed to testify are “asserting their Fifth Amendment” right. Ha! You mean to tell me that there are still valid Amendments to our Constitution besides the Second Amendment?  And would hiding this money in secret accounts be prosecuted under the Patriot Act?


One thought on “Take the money and run”

  1. Beautifully said! And I just learned today that Cindy has a vanity plate for her main vehicle that reads MS BUD — she sure wears her wealth on her sleeves. She also said, “the only way to get around Arizona is by private plane.” So I guess all the people driving cars in AZ are simply idiots — wow, how endearing. Can you imagine how much gas she’s conserving on her private plane? The McCains do not belong in the White House. John is as dumb as bunk and Cindy is, well, Cindy. The do not understand the plight of regular Americans and they will bury us with policies that only benefit those people who inherited a ‘Bud’ distribution company and people like them. I do not envy their wealth, I am happy for them but the McCains are self-serving and will not have the people’s interest at heart. To serve the people, you have to understand the people.

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