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McCain, he flips, then he flops

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Paul Simon sang about 50 ways to leave your lover. Now John McCain is showing us 50 ways to flip-flop on positions. You can read all of them here

It’s strange that the “liberal” media never focuses on John McCain’s inconsistencies. If Barack Obama changes his views on an issue, we hear about it for weeks on end. McCain is all over the place. First he is for it and then he is against it or vice versa. He doesn’t even have the courage to show up to vote in the Senate anymore. McCain didn’t show up to vote for Senator Webb’s veterans bill and he didn’t show up to vote for the recent Medicare bill and he didn’t show up to vote on last week’s FISA bill. Can we trust that he would show up to work as the chief executive if he was elected president? He’s not showing up for work as a Senator. Barack Obama does.

How is it that McCain can get away with anything? The most recent incident was a major insult to most Americans. John McCain can say that Phil Graham doesn’t speak for him but more McCain supporters are on talk shows telling Americans that the pain of losing their homes and jobs and the increase in gas prices and having less discretionary spending money is all in their heads and that they should stop whining. The rich, like McCain and his elitist friends are not affected by this quick downward turn in our economy so in a way, they are saying to us “let them eat cake” because the pain is “all in our head”. Does that mean that if I lose my job and my home and I find myself living in the street that this is “all in my head”? If I can’t afford health care and I get seriously ill and can’t afford to pay for treatment, is that “all in my head”? Is $4.00 + /gallon gas “all in my head”? Does that mean that people on fixed incomes should stop worrying about how they will pay for their heating bills this winter because that is “all in their head”? Humm… and still the “liberal” media makes excuses for John McCain.

Bruce has some thoughts about the pain we are feeling that is “all in our heads”. It’s worth reading.

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I am “bitter” and I will continue to “whine” about the destruction of our Constitution and about the traitors and thieves that occupy our Executive branch of Government. The boy Bush destroys everything he touches and he is doing a great job at destroying our economy. McCain is another Bush. The only difference between the two is that John McCain actually flew planes into combat whereas the boy George Bush pretended to fly planes into combat. Otherwise, there is no difference.

UPDATE: McCain does believe that our economic pain is all in our heads. Read this

And there’s more… Jukebox John from The Carpet Bagger.

By Cats r Flyfishn

Never look down on someone unless you are helping them up.

3 replies on “McCain, he flips, then he flops”

Cats — I agree, McCain is getting an easy ride. Did you see him last week discussing Viagra vs Birth Control? When the reporter reminded him that he voted against ‘Birth Control’ he said he didn’t remember the vote and doesn’t know enough about the issue so he has to think about it…other broadcasts showed the clip but no follow up on the policy issues and implications. Can you imagine if that was Obama?

McCain is not physically looking good these days…

yeah, McCain is getting an easy ride. The “liberal” media would have been all over Obama if he said that and we would have heard about for at least 4 weeks. We have to fight hard to push back the misinformation from the media “spin” machine.

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