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We will advertise instead…

This is interesting, “fear” is preventing a Philadelphia radio station, KYW-AM “news radio”, from airing this advertisement by the DCCC. In this case, money isn’t talking. It is fear that rules, unless maybe KYW-AM is getting some sort of “support” from the current representative of the PA 6th Congressional District. You know him as Republic Jim Gerlach.

The Philadelphia area advertisement will have Jim Gerlach’s name instead of Robin Hayes.

Vote Bob Roggio for PA 6th Congressional District. We need a change in Washington. It’s time for Bush supporter Jim Gerlach to retire from Congress and get a “real” job. Gerlach’s been living off the public money for way too long.

Just look at the economy and the price of gasoline. Jim Gerlach supported Bush’s poor economic policies. Are you better off today then you were in 2000? Did you have more “discretionary” funds in 2000 then you do today? The price of oil is going to have a HUGE impact this winter so start thinking about which room in your house you want to heat because heating the whole house may break your household budget. A vegetarian diet might also become appealing since beans are cheaper than meat and you will need more money to heat your house and to put gasoline in your car, just to get to work.

From the Daily Local

Bob Roggio for Congress.

Another little know fact about Jim Gerlach, he is one of the last Congressman to vote on ANY issue. He waits until he knows that his vote is “safe”. It’s a voting game that is played out in Washington DC all the time and Jim Gerlach is a master at this game. The real issue is exactly where does Jim Gerlach stand on anything? He’s all over the map on his voting record. He is spineless and has no real values or at least he isn’t sharing his real values with the voters.

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