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Florida Is Truly A Swing State Again… And Some New Swing States…BTW I’m Back

Welcome back Florida is all I can say (and welcome back to me to this board) I was one of the people that had for the most part had left FL for dead with how much red-er the state had gotten from the 2000 election to the one in 04. Also the state keeps getting older add in the percieved problem that the jewish community had with Obama (mostly due to to falsehoods)… Polling was also showing a pretty heafty McCain lead so in my computations I colored this state red with new polls today from two sources this could mean a great deal for Obama in the fall as his odds are now at 3-1 to win (I will explain more about this in another post later)…

Obama’s popularity is swelling in alot of other states as well, particuarly in appalachia which he had so much trouble with in the primary, WV is no longer a solid Red state for McCain with recent polls tightning this state could be intertesting in the fall, I still have my doubts though.

Now its common knowledge that the key to winning back the white house since 04′ was to go west McCain screwed us going after AZ but CO and NM are definetly in play for Obama, in fact to me its looking that Colorodo is starting to look like a LIKELY win for Obama, but I never in my wildest dreams though that the West Plan would go this far west… 


That’s right Alaska a virtual certainty to be red has become a bonfide swing state based on recent polls and actually it’s been polling close from the start… November is starting to look like it could be a landslide for Obama… In fact at this point its more likely that Obama will get 400 Electoral votes than McCain getting to 270 to even win.  (Again I will post more about this later).

All in all a great polling day for Obama as the unity bounce is working its magic… NH, OH, PA all  +7 for Obama and that’s the average of the last several polls, throw FL and VA in the mix and McCain’s path to the White House is looking largely blocked.


One reply on “Florida Is Truly A Swing State Again… And Some New Swing States…BTW I’m Back”

Welcome back… I really missed your graphics and statistics. Obama is certainly getting the bounce. Interesting, Floridians want to save and protect the Everglades and McCain says to hell with the Everglades. That will not win McCain votes in Florida. Yippee… guess the GOPers are going to have to find another State to mess with.

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