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Democrats of Chester County…

Lots of things happening in Chester County. Check out this blog for Chester County Democrats. The Democrats of Pennsylvania are organized. Watch out, Republicans. We’re gonna’ beat you this November. After all, we are BETTER!

By Cats r Flyfishn

Never look down on someone unless you are helping them up.

2 replies on “Democrats of Chester County…”

Johnvpetersen – This is a website that promotes Democrats, and preferably “progressives”. We don’t always get the “progressive” opportunity. We just try to at least get the Democrat as a starting point. This may all change as the years go by. Hopefully there will be more Progressive Democrats. Hopefully our nation will see the light and truly become more progressive and less regressive as the the Republic neocons would like us to be. Personally, I never met Paul Drucker. I have met most of the candidates listed here. I post links to Democrats that are running for office. If you are supporting a Republic, then you won’t see the name here.

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