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Obama’s Has the Delegates…

According to the Associated Press, Barack Obama has the necessary delegates to clinch the nomination. Read about it here on MSNBC. Sources within the Clinton campaign say that she is ready to acknowledge that Barack Obama has the necessary delegates. The rumors are that Hillary would consider the VP spot. Since there is no “runner-up” default for the VP position, Obama may spend some time researching who will best serve the nation and who will best balance the ticket in positions of strength.

Who do you think would be a good choice for Barack Obama’s running mate? How about some choices for Cabinet positions?

Will McBush pick Romney as his VP or will it be some other governor? We already know that McBush wants to appoint Phil Gramm, the lobbyist that pushed “Death Bonds”, read about it here… Secretary of the Treasury. If you thought the US Treasury has been raped and pillaged by the current Republican administration, wait until Phil Gramm gets a hold of it.

Okay – speak your mind… who are you choices and why?

UPDATE: The Centrist posted their list here

By Cats r Flyfishn

Never look down on someone unless you are helping them up.

19 replies on “Obama’s Has the Delegates…”

Al Gore, if Obama can get him, one month after that announcement people would be saying “Hillary who?”

Clinton would make a terrible choice and VP, but would virtually guarantee the victory in November.
Edwards has said no, but if pressed, I’d bet he’d take the VP spot.
Gore ! been there, done that.
Webb would add the military background Obama lacks.
Richardson adds the Hispanic element to the ticket, would that help secure FL?

Or someone else?
Sibelius shows poorly in the polls early on, but is a great speaker. And of course, female.

Film at 11:00. I think he’s not going to wait till Denver to make the choice. Time needs to be made up on McIIIrd.

McCain will pick Lieberman (or he will be picked for him)

Obama will pick someone older, a bit more hawkish, and propably a woman…with more foreign policy experience. maybe clinton (not that she any more real experience) maybe Biden I don’t know. Who SHOULD he pick? Well, Kucinich is my choice. Now, if they are really clever they could one up the fake “unity” ticket of mcCain/Lieberman and Obama could pick a real “get out of Iraq” republican like Chuck Hagel. His popularity with the Webb/Hagel GI bill is way up there. He has been the loudest critic of Bush’s occupation of Iraq. But unfortunately, he just wrote on his site that he wouldn’t vote for the democrat (but he might run with one?).

Willy – interesting choice with Hagel. If he wouldn’t vote for a Democrat and he accepted the position of VP running mate, would he vote for himself? Just a silly question.

I believe Edwards would make for a perfect running mate, though I post Richardson’s name more often because of his wealth of high-level government experience.

On the McCain side though, Romney could sign on and make a few campaign stops at Chippendales.

Hey Cats:

Guess I’m not the only one… just found this interview with Hagel,1518,557514,00.html

he wants to remove our troops, reuce the numbers significantly right off the bat

end the back-door draft of stop-loss

and engage iran in negociations, bring them to the table.

according to the article, there is already talk of him being considered for some high-level cabinet position with Obama.

Barack did everything but announce Hillary as his VP tonight. She’s been vetted more than anyother candidate. She’ll guarantee a win and will be the logical candidate in 2016 after 8 years of Barack.

Obama/Clinton 2008

John Edwards – Vice President (2nd Choice – Dennis Kucinich)
General Wesley Clark – Secretary of Defense
Jeffrey Feiger (Michigan) – Attorney General (2nd Choice – John Conyers)
Thomas Daschle – Secretary of State
Gov Bill Richardson – Secretary of Energy or Secretary of Homeland Security
Barbara Boxer – Secretary of Health & Human Services
Hillary Clinton – U.N. Ambassador

These are just my first thoughts.

Thanks, Sheila. My husband thinks Wesley Clark should be on the VP ticket. I’m still unsure of the VP spot. I do like Bill Richardson for Secretary of State. He has a lot of international experience.

Hillary Clinton might fit well in the Attorney General slot. Just think of all the retaliation…

If Hillary is chosen as VP, Obama might want to consider an White House Food Taster as his first official appointment.

I plan on doing a longer post myself on VP choices but can’t figger out the easiest way to embed a poll.

Short answer, I like Richardson or Salazar for shoring up the western states/hispanic thang. See this blog post for an argument for Salazar tho I don’t think he’d be as good a candidate as Richardson. And it would throw James Carville into a conniption to end all fits 😉

They have their drawbacks, tho.

I see a lot of problems with Clinton (a sure loser for the ticket), Edwards, Webb, Rendell (if he needs to worry about Pennsylvania he should abdicate and let da Billary go down to the defeat they’d engineer). Reasons are too long for a comment.

McSame & Lieberman? I can see his reasoning to do that — but like Edwards, Lieberman proved to be a lousy candidate, & he’s only gone down in reputation the last 2 years. Which is why I hope McSame picks’em.

I have to add, anyone who thinks da Bilalry have been “vetted” are whistling past the graveyard — they have truckloads of baggage the GOP would use against the ticket, none of which Obama used in his campaign.

They’d have a field day, and the entire election would be about the Clintons — not change, not Iraq, not the economy, & especially not Obama

He picks her & you might as well hang it up for 12 more years (cause whomever McSame has as his VP will be prez w/in the next 4 years & will run for election 2 more times)

Loomis – you have a good point there about Hillary… the GOP would make the election all about the Clintons and not about change. So she would be a less than desirable choice for VP.

Well – Obama won’t choose Hillary – she’s an ankle weight at this point. He lacks experience and he was a little weak in key states. I think this all points to Richardson. McCain is tougher – he’ll get raked over the coals by Obama’s charisma and youth – this will point to a youthful – charismatic type being a good choice – I think this points away from lieberman – but Liebs is the hands down sensible choice

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