Barack Obama Town Hall Reading

Barack Obama held a Town Hall meeting on April 20 at the Reading High School. In true Town Hall fashion, the number of seats available was limited. The place was filled. He is truly awesome.

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Yes We Can!

UPDATE: This is a re-post.


8 thoughts on “Barack Obama Town Hall Reading”

  1. Obama is just another perp, in a suit if he become president, his black really going to come out, all his family and friends will have Afirmative action across the board.,,, You thought bush will be bad ohhh wait and see what you get with Obama,, Mexico dollar going to be worth more than ours,, when Obama takes office,,, He still has no Agenda what so ever,, I have every single debate there was recored,, No one sees how obama never answers a question all he ever does is agree with Hilary,,, Hilary alway got the hard question ,,and then they asked obama, after, all he ever does is agree with Hilary, until the abc debate,,, when obama was finally asked hard question, Did any one see How much he stammered ahm ahm ahm ahm, that alll he did ,,, he really had to think on his own and he not even president, Do we want another Muppet in the white house,, someone pulling Obama strings like chiney pullling Bush’s strings,, God Help us all ,,

  2. It is funny how, Obama supporter Are so mad about the debate, How unfair it was,, Gee Obama Finally got a hard question,, Did everyone See he Stammered so much Ahm ahm aham ahm ,, He still does not have agenda,,,every obama supporter thought they were going to ask him for a glace of water or a pillow again, And the truth is they were both asked hard question, they asked hilary about her bosnia trip,

    Obama Social supporter so narrowed minded, Stalin wanted change,, people wont be happy until this is a third world country, and Obama is heading us there, if he win.. that why I am voting for Hilary,, if she loses the primary than I will vote for McCain. he will only be in office 4 years thats it,, Obama will come out of his shell if he wins the Election,, and be worst than Bush.. this is a Fact,

  3. My, my, my… why is it that Hillary supporters are so mean and nasty? Their behavior is so Rovian. Go ahead and vote for McCain in the Fall. If you liked the Bush years, then you will certainly enjoy the McCain years.

    Just a little note… I’ve heard it said that if Hillary loses the nomination this year, her supporters will vote for McCain so that Hillary can run again in 2012. History shows that most candidates don’t stand a serious chance the second time around. McCain may be the nominee, but he won’t be the next president. I had Republicans asking me for Obama information. They wanted it so that they had information for the general election. Sounds like they are leaning Obama in November.
    If you are so willing to vote for McCain in November, then you really aren’t a Democrat.

  4. Want to remind Clinton supporters that want to vote for McCain… if you don’t care about protecting women’s rights then go ahead, vote for McCain because he will place two more justices on the Supreme Court and he promised that these justices would do away with Roe v Wade. John McCain has no respect for women. He is a philanderer and he called his wife a c*nt in public (you fill in the missing letter, it’s a vowel that comes after T and before V). I don’t how other women feel, but the “c” word and “bitch” are two of the worst words that can be used to describe a woman. So if you like men that disrespect women, go for McCain. If you want to progress and protect women’s rights, then vote for Obama.

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