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Why I Support Barack Obama

Paint a picture in your mind if you will. It’s 1961 in the United States of America. No British invasion, the counter-culture is in its infancy, the free-speech movement hasn’t started yet, the pill has just made it’s way into mainstream America, we haven’t even set foot on the moon yet.  In a hospital room in Honolulu Hawaii, a young man from Nyangoma-Kogelo, Siaya District, Kenya and a young woman from Wichita, Kansas are awaiting the birth of their son, Barack Obama. A relatively common event. Little did they realize, the little boy being born that day, would want to change this world in a most profound way. Ann Durham, Barack’s mother was for the most part a single mother. Barack did not grow up rich. He did not come from an affluent family. He had an extremely interesting childhood, growing up in Hawaii, and Indonesia. He went on to graduate from Punahou School in Honolulu, to attend Occidental College for two years before transferring to Columbia University, graduating in 1983. Barack then went on to work as a community organizer in Chicago before attending Harvard Law, where he became the first African-American president of the Harvard Law Review.  Soon after graduation he returned to Chicago to become a civil rights attorney. He didn’t go to some big money law firm; he went to work for the people. His advocacy work had paid off and allowed him to become an Illinois State senator. In 2004 Barack Obama ran successfully for the United States Senate. During the campaign, Barack took a huge risk and spoke out against the war in Iraq. This was risky because coming out with such a bold statement early in a campaign can break it for you. Fortunately for all of us, it paid off.  Barack also delivered the keynote speech of the 2004 Democratic Convention, thrusting him onto the national stage. I remember thinking to myself “Who’s this Obama, and why isn’t he running?”

Fast forward to February, 2007. Barack Obama makes an announcement that he is running for president.  Since starting the campaign he has gone on to being 17 pledged delegates away from a majority lead in the race to the nomination. Some people have come out to criticize Barack Obama saying he’s an elitist, like he thinks he’s above everyone. Let me say this. I was brought up by my mother too. My mother, just like Ann Durham had to go at it alone for the most part when it came to raising me. I haven’t had the opportunities Barack has had, but I too have worked hard, real hard, for what I’ve got. I find it offensive that a man who is married to a woman who is worth 100 million dollars plus can call a man who just within this past year finished paying his student loans off an elitist.

Barack Obama along with us is the change we’ve all been waiting for. Barack Obama is my definition of the American Dream. We have a man who has risen up through everything the conservatives and others have thrown his way to make his stamp on history. We need someone to end this senseless war in Iraq. We need someone to take away the failed policies of the Bush administration and turn things around. Barack Obama is ready to ensure everyone in this country can afford an education, have access to good jobs, and get our economy back out of the dumpster. Barack Obama has a real plan for universal heath care. He wants to ensure that if you as an American worker want to organize, you have the right to do so without repercussions.  Barack Obama is ready to take this country back from the lobbyists and the oil companies. Barack Obama speaks to the core values of the American people. Barack Obama speaks to me. Barack Obama is the epitome American Dream, and that is why I support, volunteer and have voted for, and will vote again in November for Barack Obama.

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9 replies on “Why I Support Barack Obama”

Ditto – I would like to add that Barack Obama is a person of courage and his willingness to face obstacle head-on and address issues immediately have earned my respect.

I’m a veteran. This is nothing more than an intermural debate among veterans that has no relevance to you. I went because of the GI Bill. Some of the officers did not like the GI Bill because they said it encouraged people to get out. I replied that if it weren’t for the GI Bill, they would have had me for four years to order around. Then who would do all the real work!

You two are just using the issue to manufacture some phony patriotism in light of Obama’s evident desire to betray those who are actually doing the fighting.

Are you serious? I am not a vet, true. However, my uncles all served in WWII, I have friends from the fire services in Montgomery County who have died in Iraq, my brother-in-law has just completed his first tour in Iraq. You do know that John McCain does not support the new proposed GI bill, which would actually pay for our service people to go to college mostly paid, if not fully? Barack Obama has a plan to take care of our vets, PTSD is real, and not handled properly, we have homeless vets, I read an article in Newsweek where an African-American vet had his arm blown off in Iraq, came home, they gave him a WHITE prostetic! Talk about insult to injury. We need to take better care of our vets, and I’m sorry, but the Republican administration is not doing that.

Think about it.

Minchy: Let’s not confuse the issues, which are separate. With the VA first, promises, promises. You act as though Clinton and Bush sent instructions to the VA to mistreat someone. I agree, some of the treatment is deplorable; that’s why we have Inspectors General. Second, my GI bill, which was one of the most generous around did not pay for my college entirely. I don’t agree with the rationale for the McCain position entirely, which anyone can see if they read my last post carefully.

Cats: I question the patriotism of anyone who advocates an immediate pull-out in the midst of the success we have been experiencing in getting iraqis to trust that we will be there for the long haul. It endangers the mission, our allies, and our troops. The far lefties aren’t interested in consequences to the United States or its soldiers, just in their own aggrandizement. So get as hysterical as you want. Backing down in the face of a world-wide radical Islamist movement that has shown its unwillingness to even spare the American homeland is cowardice, and, yes, lack of partriotism.

ONB – you are the one sounding hysterical and lacking patriotism. And don’t come here and get all judgmental by questioning MY patriotism. Keep that for your blog. I never supported sending our military over to fight in an illegal war. Supporting the Iraq invasion was and still is unpatriotic. McCain says that “we won’t surrender”. That must mean that he expects the Iraqi’s to surrender… their oil to the US which was the reason we invaded a sovereign nation to begin with.

Think about this, if another nation invaded the US because say, they don’t like the boy Bush and his companion Dick the Shooter Cheney, and they wanted our water supply and then the we started defending our nation by using the same tactics as the insurgents in Iraq, should this foreign nation remain here on US soil until we surrender to the invaders? Following your logic, the foreign invader should never surrender and should remain here at least 100 years. See, it’s always different when it’s some other country. Being the world bully is not patriotism. It’s being a bully and that is all it is.

There is something that the media doesn’t talk about but the World Bank supports. When a country can no longer pay back its debt to its creditor nation, that creditor nation can claim the debtor’s assets. The United States government has done that with third world countries. That is how the US corporations gained control of the oil assets in small nations. We loaned these nations money, they couldn’t pay us back and we went and collected our debt. Just think, what if China and Japan called in their debt… what would happen to US assets if they did? And will they?

W the war criminal started the war in Iraq because he read in comic books that a great president is a war time president. This was was/is illegal, we’re over there under the pretence that Saddam Hussein had WMD. This turned out to be false. As soon as it was found out to be wrong we should have pulled out. Instead we have lost over 4000 patriotic troops in Iraq so the Bush crime family could have daddy Bush’s name avenged. What a joke. If by me wanting our troops home ASAP is unpatriotic, then ship me to Russia! 12 billion dollars a month, imagine what a FRACTION of that could do for our vets.

Wow, Minchy, you have descended into the fever swamps of paranoid delusion. Here, let me wipe that spittle off your chin…..

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