Is This How Republicans Plan to Win in November?

The State of Missouri, ever mindful and fearful of illegal immigrants, wants to make sure these illegal immigrants don’t show up at the polls in November and attempt to vote.

The interesting thing is that Missouri law already requires proof of citizenship in order to register to vote. Somehow, the current law just isn’t enough for these Republicans. Fear rules in their world and fear is their only means of controlling others.

Excerpts are from the New York Times:

Supporters of the measures cite growing concerns that illegal immigrants will try to vote. They say proof of citizenship measures are an important way to improve the accuracy of registration rolls and the overall voter confidence in the process.

State Representative Stanley Cox, a Republican from Sedalia and the sponsor of the amendment, said that the Missouri Constitution already required voters to be citizens and that his amendment was simply meant to better enforce that requirement.

“The requirements we have right now are totally inadequate,” Mr. Cox said. “You can present a utility bill, and that doesn’t prove anything. I could sit here with my nice photocopier and create a thousand utility bills with different names on them.”

From October 2002 to September 2005, the Justice Department indicted 40 voters for registration fraud or illegal voting, 21 of whom were noncitizens, according to department records.

Wow – a whole 21 non-citizens. Now that is a frightening number especially since it happened within a 3 year span. What does that make it, 7 non-citizens/year?

The Missouri Supreme Court already ruled a photo identification law as unconstitutional so now the Missouri lawmakers believe it is time to change the Missouri State Constitution. What this change would do is disenfranchise some elderly who can’t get copies of their birth certificates.

Lillie Lewis, a voter who lives in St. Louis and spoke at a news conference last week organized to oppose the amendment, said she already had a difficult time trying to get a photo ID from the state, which asked her for a birth certificate. Ms. Lewis, who was born in Mississippi and said she was 78 years old, said officials of that state sent her a letter stating that they had no record of her birth.

“That’s downright wrong,” Ms. Lewis said. “I have voted in almost all of the presidential races going back I can’t remember how long, but if they tell me I need a passport or birth certificate that’ll be the end of that.”

A naturalized citizen that comes from a third world country may not have access to an original birth certificate and if they were a refugee, they might not even have a valid passport or their passport may have expired.

So the nuns that were turned away in Indiana may just be the tip of the iceberg. Guaranteed… there will be mores stories like these. After all, how else will Republicans win in November? They have a flip-flopping liar as their presidential nominee who is not inspiring to anyone and who would only bring a third Bush term which would perpetuate all the financial and economic disasters of the past 7 years.

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9 thoughts on “Is This How Republicans Plan to Win in November?”

  1. Whistle past the graveyeard, my friends. If McCain does not pick someone totally unacceptable as Veep, the South will go with him and so will the rust belt. Obama will go nowhere in the general relying on “eggheads and African-Americans” (Paul Begala).

  2. If the economy continues in its downward slide, gas prices continue to rise and good paying jobs get shipped over seas, it will signal the end of the Republican Party.

  3. It hasn’t so far. And the Democrats got elected in 2006 promising to hold the line on gas prices when they were in the $2.19 range. So how’re things goin’?

  4. That’s what I like about you libs, though. All it takes is another election to make you fall in love all over again (and another loss to make you fall out of love [and to make you decide, well, that candidate wasn’t really the best one]). What will happen to Obama in the fall sort of reminds me of Pauline Kael in 1972: “I don’t know how Nixon won. Everyone I knew voted for McGovern.”

  5. No one under 45 would vote for McCain. The thing about you neocons is that you live in some fantasy world gone by… your god and hero is Ronald Reagan, a B rated movie star that couldn’t stay awake or focused while president and who should have been impeached for the Iran/Contra treason. The heroes for Conservatives are traitors like Oliver North and convicted drug addicts like Rush Limbaugh.

    Democrats didn’t take get elected to Congress because of a promise to hold gas prices in the $2.19 range. They got elected to end the illegal war in Iraq which, btw, the Republicans in Congress keep blocking to end because the Democrats don’t have enough of a majority to overcome the boy Bush’s veto. Conservatives say they are pro-life but yet they feel comfortable with the killing of innocent children and babies in the boy Bush’s war. Nothing but hypocrites, all of you.

  6. Hey, I’m a conservative to moderate Democrat. You libs lead us to defeat with Howard Dean, John Kerry, and now Barack Obama. What will be your excuse now? I know; the American people are just too stupid to vote in their own interest, which, coincidentally, just so happens to be yours.

  7. ONB – your rhetoric sounds Republican. I wouldn’t call John Kerry a Liberal and Howard Dean never made it past Iowa. If you read up on Barack Obama’s policies, he would be considered a Moderate to Conservative and not a Liberal. Dennis Kucinich is a Liberal. Mike Gravel is a Liberal. All the other candidates were moderate to conservative with Hillary be the most conservative of the group. So what exactly is your beef with Barack Obama? This is the only candidate that has actually recruited people to register as Democrats and Howard Dean’s 50 State Plan is building a Democratic party in Republican States. Just look at the Southwest which was very red and is now purple to blue. That’s success. If you want Democrats to win, then you need to out register Republicans and get more Democrats out to vote on election day. This requires phone calls, knocking on doors, giving people rides to the polls and working the polls. What exactly is your plan? What are you doing to build the Democratic Party? How are you helping people get to the polls and vote for Democrats? If you have some ideas on how to win, then please share them.

  8. I am a pro-life, pro-gun conservative Democrat. Hillary gets my vote in a primary (I “finessed” the pro-life). Explain how I vote for a Marxist like Obama. And don’t give me the policy crap; I’ve looked at his record over the years. How does he expect to win West Virginia, without which, as Hillary pointed out, a Democrat has not won the presidency since 1916. None of the candidates this time were “moderate to conservative” except possibly for Joe Biden. You foks are such wingnuts, you can’t even locate the center of the spectrum in the country anymore!

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