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Elitist Cindy McCain will NOT release her tax returns. “Ever”

Wow. It amazes me how these people call Barack Obama an elitist.

What are John & Cindy McCain hiding? That’s the only thing that comes to mind. Now granted, although Bill & Hillary filed for an extension this year, they did release their 2006 returns. Barack & Michelle of course released their 2007 returns a while ago. But what about the McCains? I realize of course Cindy McCain isn’t running for president, and it is her right to keep them private, but I don’t understand why? Are John and Cindy McCain sleeping on a mattress stuffed with money that the IRS doesn’t know about? Look dishonest to me.

“John McCain may not like it, but the American people have a right to know about the well documented links between his political career and the McCains’ business ventures,” DNC chairman Howard Dean said in a statement. “John McCain’s refusal to meet the standard of every other candidate seeking the office is one more reason he’s the wrong choice for America’s future.” (Courtesy of

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Exposing the lies of those Republicans looking to be re-elected.

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