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McCain’s “Spiritual Guide” wants America to destroy Islam

Maybe this is what John McCain meant when he said “100 years”.


By Cats r Flyfishn

Never look down on someone unless you are helping them up.

4 replies on “McCain’s “Spiritual Guide” wants America to destroy Islam”

The wingnuts will be saying that seeking an endorsement from a Pastor filled with hate isn’t the same as attending services for 20 years with a pastor filled with rage. I have to say they are correct. Barack Obama rejected Rev. Wright whereas John McCain embraced this hate and prejudice.

The wingnuts are right… embracing hate is definitely not the same as rejecting hate. Obama rejected whereas McCain embraced. If this is the best that the Republicans have, then they will lose in November for certain. Americans don’t want a 3rd term of the moronic chimp and his chimpletons and they are smart enough to know that McCain is Bush’s 3rd term.

And why isn’t MSM bringing this up? Is it because he’s white? I really think alot of what the MSM reports is based on race. It’s crap. This guy is a nutcase. Rev. Wright just has an ego.

Now Obama has embraced Wright’s replacement, Otis Moss, who said that “thugs” like Tupac are prophets. So Obama attends sermons from Wright for 20 years but can’t muster up the cojones to reject him until he’s running for President and embraces his replacemnet who is no improvement. Good nominee. I can see the South, the West, and the rustbelt going for McCain

Nasty – your name says it all. To you, black preachers are a problem and white preachers can preach all the HATE they want and that is always ok with bigots. If racists remarks are the best that Republicans can do, then they will lose in November. Americans are sick and tired of being divided. We are not two nations but one nation.

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