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Save Our Food Supply – Stop Monsanto

I attended a town hall meeting where my State Legislator discussed a bill which he introduced that would help kick-start organic farms in Pennsylvania. He stated that the “big” agriculture (Ag) lobbiest keep asking to meet with him and they try to convince him to change his bill because the bill would protect the small organic farms of Pennsylvania. He refuses to make changes to suit “Big Ag”. The Monsantos and Cargills are out to own our food supply. Is it just a matter of time until some conglomerate(s) owns our water suppy? Some States are already considering “privatizing” the water supply. Did you know that it is illegal to gather rainwater without a permit in Washington and Colorado? What’s next, our air? Will we all be required to wear some type of air consumption monitor? This may sound a bit silly, but exactly where does this control stop?

The Clintons have a very long history of association with big Ag, particularly, Monsanto. The Smirking Chimp has several links to related articles.

Vanity Fair explains the evils of Monsanto

RubyGal has more to say about Monsanto and Clinton connections over at the DailyKos.

None of the candidates are talking about holding Monsanto accountable for terrorizing our farmers and seed sellers. Something needs to be done to break the “mafia-like” grip that Monsanto holds over our politicians, judges, legislators, and farmers. This has got to stop. If it doesn’t, then we will all be consuming toxic foods and GM foods… we will be the “test” subjects for whatever Monsanto wants to throw our way. And we will be helpless to do anything about it.

Vermont has a solid, strong “Buy Local” campaign. Pennsylvania needs to better organize the same thing.


UPDATE: Here’s a link to the Rodale Institute.

You can find additional information and location of farms serving your area at their website. It is worth the visit.

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