Guam Caucus

Barack Obama is leading Hillary Clinton in the Guam caucus. With 12 out of 18 precincts reporting, Obama 899, Clinton 769.

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UPDATE: 5:05 am Guam time

16/18 – Obama 1,420; Clinton 1,246

OBAMA WINS GUAM! STOPPED HILLARY DEAD IN HER TRACKS. A seven vote win is still a win. Hillary was suppose to win Guam by a landslide. Looks like that didn’t happen.


4 thoughts on “Guam Caucus”

  1. Another blow to Hillary.

    She was expecting a 300,000 vote lead out of Guam to make up for her losses in the previous 45 contests.

  2. hmmm…. why can’t Hillary carry the Guam vote? Clearly, another nail in her coffin (if there’s space for anymore).

    What will be her spin — are Guamians misogynst, or just prejudiced against Bubbas? Or are they just un-American?

    I can see her commercial now — denouncing the Guam caucuses as dominated by a bunch of papaya-juice drinking elitists who can’t roll a coconut straight.

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