Obama addresses the UFCW

Barack Obama is speaking as the nominee and as the next President of the United States. Listening to his vision, how could you vote for anyone else? No one cares as much about bringing this country back to the people then Barack Obama.

“We need a president that doesn’t choke on the word ‘Union’ “


2 thoughts on “Obama addresses the UFCW”

  1. Union means ‘working together for a common cause’. This was the primary element which not only created the labor union but also the loose confederation which became the United States of America. Neither Clinton nor McCain understand the words labor or union as much as they do the words ‘profit’ and ‘division’. Division is that which keeps us from working together to force change upon this country.

  2. I really like Obama’s policy on making illegal to fire an employee of a company for wanting to unionize. It’s important. Alot of companies take advantage of their employees without batting an eye.

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