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A Look Back: “The World Meets Barak Obama”

A look back at the speech that started it all… the keynote speech at the 2004 convention, I remember watchig it with a very conservative, republica fried and even he said “Damn, if only he didn’t have that name and wasn’t balck you guys would have your self a new JFK” Of course I resented that comment but I have to admit I wasn’t sure if we were ready I knew I was… but I wasn’t sure about the rest of amereica… Obama surprsised me again with his showing in this election… But again this is where it all started

(2 videos 1st one is part 1, 2nd part 2)

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2 replies on “A Look Back: “The World Meets Barak Obama””

Thanks, jer, for posting this. When I heard this speech, I turned to my husband and said “This man will be president someday”. And, yes he will. The words of his speech still ring true today and he hasn’t wavered in his principles since making this speech.

This is the speech that Hillary Clinton wished she had made. Instead she claims that she was fooled into voting for war in Iraq and yet she voted “yea” to the Kyl/Lieberman Iran resolution. Who does Hillary think she is fooling? She supports war and then tries to tell the voters that she was duped by others. Well, one thing I know for sure is that we don’t need a fool in the White House. We have one now and it hasn’t worked well for our country.

This is a repost and a reminder. Barack Obama is the candidate for the 21st Century. Clinton is a candidate of the past. It was the previous Clinton administration that brought us the current Bush administration. I’m ready for a CHANGE… I’m sick and tired of the divisive politics of Washington DC and lobbyists controlling our government.

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