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I have a thought today on grassroots action. I think some folks who I’ve encountered on another blog get so mad at Obama supporters because we’re better organized than any other campaign out there. That’s why our signs are being stolen, we’re being accused of being “fanatics like the Ron Paul people”, because we’re that organized and not going away. When Barack Obama started this campaign, he was told you can’t run a campaign if you can’t raise money. He’s raised alot of money. Then he was told, you can’t run a campaign without people. Here we are. Then he was told If you lose Iowa, you might as well throw in the towel. He won Iowa. He’s won 30 out of 44 contests thus far. Some folks are mad because they feel it is their canidate’s destiny to become President. Like their canidate is entitled. The only canidate that is entitled to be President is the person who wins the election. And as one of many grassroots volunteers for Barack Obama, I’m going to do my part to ensure he wins the Democratic party nomination.

Yesterday I spent the day in Philadelphia at Mad Maude letterpress in Port Richmond. Our good friends Leslie Graham and Ryan Howell are the owners. Along with the Rectenwald Studio they came up with a great idea which was to letterpress Obama rally signs. They had a plate made up for the press depicting Obama as seen in Shepard Fairey’s “Progress” poster. Recentwald Studios contacted Shepard and got his permission to reproduce the poster. I had a handfull of these at the March B4O meeting and they went fast. You may have seen them in the Campaign office on the wall. Well, after a long, blue ink-filled day, I printed quite a few and will be dropping them off sometime today at the office for folks to take for free.




I would like to thank Mad Maude & Rectenwald Studio for their hospitality, and for helping me bring some real homemade grassroots posters to the folks of Berks County. Together, YES WE CAN!


People have been asking for these posters.  Someone from California sent an email requesting one of these posters.  They are showing up everywhere.  OBAMA EVERYWHERE IN PENNSYLVANIA!

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7 replies on “Grassroots.”


Sorry I didn’t make it to the office until 6:30PM. There are plenty there now! 🙂 If they happen to be out, I’ll have some in my car too. When they do run out I’ve got more. Believe me. My hands are still kinda blue I printed so many. 🙂

Which office did you drop them off? I stopped by the one on Sansom street in Philadelphia this morning and they didn’t know anything about them. Great job on the prints; they look great!

sti2relaxxxin, Yes, they are at HQ in Reading However, if you click the link to Mad Maude on this page and email Leslie or Ryan, I’m sure they’ll help you out. 🙂

Grassroots in action: Today I wore my “Soft Pretzels and Mustard for Obama” tee shirt when I went to the car dealer to have my car serviced. I felt like a “movie” star… everyone was complimenting me on the tee shirt and asking where they can get one. Sounded like a lot of Obama support because it was a very busy dealership with lots of people with smiling faces admiring “Soft pretzels and mustard for Obama”.

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