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Remember that bin Laden guy?

Do you? I do. Did you know he’s not in Iraq? George W. Bush doesn’t seem to know this. Barack Obama knows. I’m sure the other candidates know. So why have we now lost in excess of 4000 lives in Iraq and bin Laden is still (assumed, if not dead already) running free? Free to build Al Qaeda up to a stronger level than what it was at on 9/11/01. Free to gain more arms, more young jihadists to take up their cause, train them, send out messages of hate etc. “There was no Al Qaeda in Iraq until George W. Bush and John McCain said there was” This is true. Barack Obama has a plan to get us out of Iraq and focus on capturing bin Laden. Check out Michael Smerconish’s opinion here.   Comment if you can, it seems the neo-cons are bashing him for telling the truth too! 

By Republicans LIE

Exposing the lies of those Republicans looking to be re-elected.

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