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Obama: Elitist?

Both John McCain and Hillary Clinton have proclaimed Barack Obama as an elitist. What?

Barack Obama has just recently paid off his student loans.

John McCain is married to a woman who is worth over 100 million dollars. Together they own eight houses.

Bill & Hillary’s tax return from last year since she still has yet to release her 2007 returns and has filed for an extension (conveniently) shows they made 109 million dollars.

Barack Obama is the elitist?

Barack Obama is right and told the truth, if you agree, go here:


By Republicans LIE

Exposing the lies of those Republicans looking to be re-elected.

9 replies on “Obama: Elitist?”

Well said. It’s good to know there are folks such as yourself in PA who realize what a mess this country is in and how a Republican isn’t the answer.

Would you mind providing your response to (deleted by site monitor, inappropriate and hostile).

Hillary Clinton was raised in a Republican family, living in a wealthy North suburb of Chicago. The people in her neighborhood looked down on the people of Chicago. It would certainly be within her to identify herself as an elitist.

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