Barack Obama Elections

Volunteering is fun and rewarding.

I’ve been volunteering in various degrees over the course of my life since I was a kid. Whether it was at Rydal Park nursing home in Abington or Jeanes Hospital in Philadelphia when I was younger, or my nine years with the Rockledge Fire Company and various other fire companies. To echo what Berks Region 4 leader Don Ritchie said, we’re not just trying to get a guy in the White House, we’re a grassroots neighborhood organization. After 4/22 our staffers will head off to the next contest and we’ll all still be here in PA. We need to make sure after 4/22 and especially after 11/4 we need to stick together for the greater good. Let’s say some big box store comes in and wants to take one of our parks by eminent domain? Who’s going to have more say? A large group of concerned citizens or just a few? I think what Barack Obama’s candidacy for president has started in this country is something truly great. He’s brought people together who probably under other circumstances would have never even met, who are all working for the same thing. This is truly powerful. All races, religions, colors, creeds and economic backgrounds all trying to change the country. If you take a step back and look at it, it’s really unprecedented. So I say, between April and September, aside from helping phonebank to other states (hint hint) let’s continue our work to make our communities better for everyone!


By Republicans LIE

Exposing the lies of those Republicans looking to be re-elected.

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