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Barack Obama Record Crowd at State College

There were 22,000 attendees at Barack Obama’s appearance at Penn State University in State College, PA today.

Further details here


By Cats r Flyfishn

Never look down on someone unless you are helping them up.

5 replies on “Barack Obama Record Crowd at State College”

Well as always the blog is wrong,,,, No matter what any media say The Democrats are split completely ,, There is now way that Barack Obama will win anymore even if he wins the primary,, Them media is wrong as always, about everything when it comes to barack obama , They say Obama will lose 1/3 of Hilary votes that mite cost him the election,, Those number are completely wrong other polls on Cnn and Fox show that Obama will lose Half to 2/3 thirds of Hilary Voter,, just for the fact,, Obama supporter will only vote for Obama and Hilary will only vote for Hilary ,, Obama supports say right out if Hilary wins the primary there voter will vote for McCain out of spite, Then on the news Micheal Obama said,, if her husband don’t win,, She don’t think she can support the democratic party,,, this race is lost,,, by there own hands,,, that is why the media is pushing to force Hilary out,even tho it going to cost Obama the presidency,,, LOL

The audacity of fraud……

They used to call bill clinton the teflon president.
Mr. Obama has elevated the word teflon to new heights. Saint Barrack can do no wrong. He sits asleep in pew for 20 years and claims hear no evil when speaking of his campaign’s former spiritual advisor, and more importantly his personal spiritual advisor. I challenge you, Mr./Miss/Mrs. public to be honest. How good is his impeccable judgement if he cannot even choose a non-racist pastor to advise him spiritually. If this was Hillary Clinton, chants of crucifixation would have arose from the press and public. He makes false claims about what he did for various legislation and it sails through the public consciousness with barely a blip. He has played the race often and hard. He uses white guilt over slavery to hide his own shortcomings in regard to his religious fiasco.
Once again, both press and public let him off the hook. CNN almost singlehandedly saved his candidacy by having almost a solid week of free advertising for the opportunistic junoir senator from Illinois. For all his talk of new politics, he certainly plays the game like an old timer. He is every bit as vicious in character assasination as any politician has been. Try and say something negative about him though, and cries of poor treatment and lets not bloody our candidates up.
He says on the campaign trail that the will of the people should be followed, but refuses to revote Florida or Michigan. He will only seat them when the result is to his liking. I ask you Mr. Obama, what are you so afraid of? Could it be you know you can’t win a big state, the states a Democrat must win to win the national election.

To our visiting trolls –
paul – you need to learn English before you post here. Perhaps I should add that requirement to the “About” page.

mlas – surely you must be joking 😆 you have no facts to back up your comment. Perhaps you are better suited to post at Red State.

And by the way… Hillary will lose the nomination.

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