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Update: signs, signs, everywhere signs.

Wow. Two days, two signs I’ve found on the side of the road in various places here in Berks. If you see a wayward Obama sign, pick it up. I’m sure Barack wouldn’t want them becoming litter. But I’m curious as to HOW these signs are uprooting themeselves from the ground? Especially when a Ron Paul sign down the road was standing proud….Hmmmmm.

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11 replies on “Update: signs, signs, everywhere signs.”

Good morning! My sign stands proudly along a main corridor here in Berks County. Haven’t seen many others, but I do get honking horns on a daily basis!


That is great to hear! 🙂 I’m gonig to call my township today to make sure they didn’t take mine down, and that it’s ok to put my new ones up.

My sign has been up for weeks, without a problem. Same location where, in 2004, I couldn’t keep a Kerry sign up for more than 48 hours at a time.

UPDATE: So, my signs where down, again, yesterday afternoon. I crossed Friedensburg Road and found two of them all mangled up and thrown down the hill. It’s ok, I’ll keep putting them up! 🙂

Minchy – sounds like you have a neighbor that is frightened by Barack Obama. In the fall, maybe we can place a bulk order for those really large signs and we can all place them on our properties. They will be more difficult to steal. You can also use the sprinkler deer deterrent system. The thieves will get all wet when they approach your signs.

I would like to design and paint an Obama hex sign real big on my barn they’re pi**sing me off so bad. Sadly I’m thinking it’s a neighbor also, there’s nowhere to pull over there.

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