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Does Barack Obama need more endorsements?


This is an OPEN THREAD – waiting for discussion.

The first story I saw this morning in the news was “Richardson Endorses Obama”. Wow, that made my day. As someone who was supporting Richardson for president, it reinforces my decision to work for the Obama campaign. Will John Edwards and Al Gore be close behind?

Any reaction to this endorsement or any other recent news such as the breech in Obama’s passport? That should prove to be an interesting investigation.

I’ll have more on Governor Bill Richardson later today.

By Cats r Flyfishn

Never look down on someone unless you are helping them up.

9 replies on “Does Barack Obama need more endorsements?”

I cannot imagine a better ticket. Their views are compatable. With Obama’s skills and Richarson’s experience, American diplomacy abroad will be reborn.

There is hope for this country yet!

This is a solid slab of support, and it should provide a stepping stone for other superdelegates. Hopefully the PA vote will be close enough to settle things once and for all, although if we get one or two of this level each week it will be over anyway.

It’s a beautiful day, for sure.

O Cats!!! I’m so happy about this…I just got to my email and saw the Richardson news, and was gonna send it to you, but checked here first to be sure you already knew.

This is fantastic! Speaks volumes.


I think that Al Gore will come out for Obama eventually. They seem to be on the same page.

I could never see Edwards as VP but I could see him as Attorney General or Secretary of Labor.

Bill Richardson will be just perfect as VEEP.

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