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Why Do You Support Barack Obama?


Let’s share our reasons why we support Barack Obama.

By Cats r Flyfishn

Never look down on someone unless you are helping them up.

8 replies on “Why Do You Support Barack Obama?”

As a foreign national who doesn’t even live in the US, I have no way to support Barack Obama, but I do admire him. He answers questions and doesn’t flinch to say the truth. He publishes all his earmarks, even the ones that don’t shed a favourable light on him. He sits own with the press and answers all their questions about the Rezko case. He openly discusses racism and includes all sides. He is brilliantly intelligent and a good speaker. He is never condescending, when it comes to you the voters, but occasionally when it comes to the mighty and they deserve it.

There are many more reasons, too many to put down here. Btw. I would not liken Senator Obama to JFK, he reminds me much more of Al Gore.

Two links for you:

This doesn’t look good!

Here’s what I said at TheZoo and the English papers round up:

Good luck!

EV – Hi. Always appreciate your input. I don’t hold much faith in the poll numbers because the voters chosen to answer questions are drawn from a pool of registered voters from 2007 or earlier. Since then, thousands of Americans have registered to vote and their numbers are not included in these polls. The county where I live has 3000+ voters that either switched parties to Democrat or are newly registered Democrats compared to 169 new Republicans. That says a lot about what is going to happen in the Pennsylvania Primary. The Obama team will continue with registering voters up until Monday which is the last day to register in Pennsylvania. Barack Obama has surprised all polls. He has 5 weeks to campaign in Pennsylvania. Hillary Clinton is sending out robo calls and people HATE robo calls so that will turn away undecided voters. Barack Obama’s campaign is using live calls. Big difference in how people respond.

Whenever I read Minchy’s bio, I feel inspired. This is the first time in my lifetime (and I’m old) that I am feeling enthusiastic about voting in a presidential election and especially a primary election.

This election is the most important of all our lives. We’re going to decide who can rescue the country from years of poor administrations, poor policies, and the world’s poor view of us. I think Barack Obama, or as I like to call him, “The definition of the American Dream” is the person who can put us back on the high point of the respectability scale. Right now, alot of countries and people of the world think we’re a joke because we have some little Cowboy in the White House who people including myself look at as if he’s a Rodeo Clown. We need someone who not only us as Americans but the world can look up to. Barack Obama is that person. He brings knowledge, experience and the ability to listen to people. We need him, he isn’t about corporate interests. He’s never served on the board of Wal-Mart. He doesn’t let lobbyists pull the strings. He doesn’t own any stock in oil companies or pharmaceutical companies. He sure as heck has nothing to do with Halliburton! He’s as I like to say, a stand up guy. I support him all the way.

Here is the post I just made to WITF’s Voters Voice PA:
Our country has been divided for too long….divided based on our political party, race, ethnicity, religious beliefs, and policy issues such as Iraq, terrorism, global warming, the environment, education, abortion, gay rights, and on and on. Our politicians have used these divisions to fire up their base, so that they can obtain/retain their power in Washington politics. Only one candidate has had the integrity, courage, respect and understanding necessary to address these issues in a way that speaks to the best in all of us. In the words of Senator Barack Obama, “America is the sum of our dreams. And what binds us together, what makes us one American family, is that we stand up and fight for each other’s dreams, that we reaffirm that fundamental belief – I am my brother’s keeper – I am my sister’s keeper – through our politics, our policies, and in our daily lives. Its time to do that once more. Its time to reclaim the American dream.”

I love American history. When we look back on those that have been acknowledged by history to have been our greatest presidents, those presidents did not achieve their superiority for any one policy, or even for a host of policies. What made those presidents great was their ability to lead and inspire our nation and its people to respond in times of need. I am thinking of the leadership abilities of Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Kennedy. I believe that Barack Obama will be the same sort of president. What a pity if the American voters to not grab this opportunity to make history, not because of race, but because of the abilities of this man to inspire all of us to find the very best within ourselves. We need that inspiration so that each one of us.does what is necessary to protect our country, stop global warming, clean up and protect our environment, improve education for every single child, and find the common ground on issues such as abortion and gay rights.

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