Whoever came up with the term “Better half” must have had Michelle Obama in mind!

Dateline, Abington Pa. The site, Abington Senior High School, a place this alumna never thought he’d step foot in again. That is until Michelle Obama came to town!

I left my job at about 12:30 to make the 20 minute ride to the high school. I arrived around 12:50 and heard on KYW that the doors where opening at 2:30 and she was expected to speak at 3:30. I walked from my car in amazement of all the different licence plates in the parking lot. I’m a collector, so I tend to do that. But to see Iowa, California, New Jersey, New York, New Hampshire…etc. It was awesome. I was met by numerous eger Obama volunteers. It was nice to just be a bystander for a day. I finally made my way to the doors after pressing much flesh and found myself third in line! 🙂 As the crowd grew, I had many great conversations with people from all races, age groups, and econmic backgrounds. That is one thing I can say about the Obamas, they know how to bring people together, it is truly a beautiful thing. A reporter from WHYY stopped by to interview #1 in line, and when asked what she thought about the other Democrat, she had to bite her tongue and say “No”. As the afternoon wore on the line swelled. Before we where let in (at 2:45, Abington’s never been very organized) I glanced back and saw the line was all the way past the gym and into the road! I couldn’t believe it. There where thousands of people there, so to be third was a blessing. We got inside, got situated. Unfortunately, Abington hasn’t remodeled since my days of roaming it’s halls and if you know me, you know I’m a little critical of myself, so don’t get offended by my comment, my fat butt didn’t fit in those chairs when I was a youngster, and it sure wasn’t going to fit now! I was a little disappointed, having to sit in the back in a folding chair, but you know what? I was in! After all, that’s all that matters! The speaking started off with Dr. Amy Sichel speaking about Abington/Rockledge(everytime she said Rockledge I let out a WHOOO, hey, it’s my hometown!) and how wonderful the school district is etc. Next we had an Obama delegate, which I apologize, I didn’t bring a notepad to catch her name, but she was awesome. She got the crowd all psyched up getting us to shout “YES WE CAN”. Next we had State Rep Josh Shapiro, who represents Abington and Rockledge (WHOOO) and I’ll tell you, keep your eyes out for this guy, he is the next Democratic party superstar! This guy is impressive and of course got us all loud and ready as he introduced the next first lady of the United States. Michelle came out and it was deafening. After everyone settled down she began to speak, thanking various dignitaries etc. Then she spoke about values, and how it seems this country has forgotten about them. Also she spoke about growing up in a working class neighborhood on the south side of Chicago, and how her father was able to work a city job, disabled (with MS) and afford to have his wife be home for his children, and put both of his children through college and still afford the mortgage and bills etc. To quote her “The special thing about my childhood is that it was nothing special” basically saying that, that was the way it was back then, what happened? She’s right. She spoke of the Obama value system, and that’s what won her over with Barack. She spoke about the war, and Barack’s opposition to it, how he spoke out on the war in the middle of his campaign for Senate. Sure, he wasn’t a Senator when the vote came up, but you know what? His speaking out against the war could have meant the end of his campaign. Fortunately, he won by a large margin. She spoke of Barack as always being the underdog, when running for the Illinois State Legislature, the US Senate, and now President, always being told to wait, you’re too young. To that, I say, “Why not NOW?”. She is spectacular, she could have spoken for hours on end and I would have sat there hanging on every word. She is so eloquent, intelligent, and down to earth. Talk about the American Dream. We could very well have a man who grew up in a single parent home, “a white mother raising a black child in the 1960’s, you can’t tell me she wasn’t a dreamer” she said. The Obama’s are the epitome of the American Dream. I think I can speak for all of us when I say, they’re OUR American Dream.

Come to Berks, won’t you Michelle! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Whoever came up with the term “Better half” must have had Michelle Obama in mind!”

  1. Hey fellow Barack Believer, I agree with you.-
    We fight for Hope and that is what the Clinton Dynasty doesn’t have. They can’t bring hope because they’re the ones that have left us hopeless…Right now we are given an opportunity! It’s time to show America how strong Hope can be. Thanks for your blog. Check out my Youtube collection of videos for more on this.

  2. Send us a link to your youtube videos. If you want, we can post some of them here.

    And thanks for stopping by. Tell all your friends about us. We were created on Tuesday of this week. If there are any articles that you think we should include here, just post the link one of the comments and someone will add the thread.

  3. Hi Latham – thanks for the links. I viewed them both. I will post your video, give you credit and post the link to your Youtube videos. And a big thanks for being involved.

  4. minchy – just read your experience. It brought tears to my eyes. How exciting. This is the first time in my life and I’m old, that there is a very strong probability that I will be voting for my candidate without holding my nose, in the general election. This is the first time in my life that there is even a stronger probability that my candidate will become the next President of the United States.

  5. She’s fantastic. The way the Obama’s have brought people of all backgrounds together is truly “The American Dream”. I don’t understand how anyone can have a problem with it!

    Oh Happy St Patrick’s day!

    Go O’Bama!

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