Congrats, you win…..Vice President?

mccain_clinton1.jpgWhere does Hillary get off saying Barack Obama will make a great VP? Last we all checked, he is in the lead.

From the Chicago Tribune


2 thoughts on “Congrats, you win…..Vice President?”

  1. I think it was a pathetic attempt to court voters who haven’t made up their minds yet. She was pretty much saying, that if you vote for me, you could get us both.

    Cheers to Obama for pointing out how silly that is. Even pointing out that she said he wasn’t qualified to answer the phone. The Hillary campaign even tried to come back from that by saying there is a lot of time between now and the convention. That made it even worse the the Clinton camp.

  2. I added the author’s name.

    Great post. Hillary was out counting chickens before they were hatched. Even Nancy Pelosi thinks this was a rediculous statement. However, if Hillary loses the nomination, maybe McCain will choose her to run on the ticket with him. After all, they both supported invading Iraq. The Republicans would love to see Hillary win the Dem nomination because then the Dems couldn’t make the Iraq war an issue in November.

    Only Barack can say he never thought it was wise to invade Iraq. Hillary claims she was fooled and we don’t need another fool in the White House.

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